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Yoga class, not as easy as I thought!!

It's taken a lot of excuses and laziness but I finally got to a yoga class tonight. I thought it's beginners, should be OK. Wow, 15 minutes in I was so hot and out of breath! I didn't try and copy anyone else as I know I'll get there one day and didn't want to break anything! Nearly got a fit of the giggles as every time I did 'downward dog' my stomach was gurgling. Anyway, the class was just as tough as a run, although in a different way and I felt wonderful afterwards, even wanted to do a run, but that can wait till tomorrow :) Think I may be aching a bit tomorrow. It's going to help with my flexibility and breathing etc though so I'm going to keep it up...

Happy running


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I do a yoga/pilates/tai chi mix class once a week and think its great at toning up everywhere. Agree that it's not all meditation and as easy as it sounds!! It is very e enjoyable and relaxing though! Completely different from how I feel after a run but think its def every bit as good!!

Enjoy!! :D


I use Ekhart Yoga (and their associated YouTube output) online. I definitely feel it rounds out my fitness programme (ooh er that sounds rather grand)


I did yoga before I started C25k and it definitely helped with breathing when running. Can be tough and there are still poses I find impossible. My little legs will never achieve a lotus position- but like C25k you can do what is best for you. In the midst of the most complex moves our teacher says - breath and smile - Laura doesn't say that!!


Anyone who says yoga isn't hard has never done it. It's great for you though, so I hope you will keep it up. Yoga teachers are normally pretty good at modifying poses for less flexible or injured people, so make sure to ask if you find something tricky.


Hope you keep it up and enjoy it. I have done yoga on and off for about thirty years and just do one class a week now. It's lovely and we do a mix of postures and meditations. I am heading towards 60 and I am sure I would not be as flexible without it. Someone told me that it would help with my running as it strengthens your core muscles, so maybe that's why I haven't had too many problems up to Week 7 (which I am finding hard!). Good luck and enjoy!


Thank you all. My whole body was aching this morning and I wondered whether to go for a run. I went and really enjoyed it. I feel 'stronger' if that makes sense? Will def. keep it up, maybe increase to twice a week when I get into it. I'm doing Ashtanga yoga and I read that about strengthening your core, 'Cambia,' besides other things.

Happy yogaring(?!) to everyone and running.

Susie :)


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