Want to get running again, but my legs are like lead!

I've become very unfit over the Winter and put on weight. I am trying to get back into running, but am finding it hard to motivate myself to run consistently. I did a C25K a few years ago and it really worked for me. Where do you start as a not-really-a-beginner-but-struggling? Any advice or encouragement much appreciated!


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  • I was where you are, so I went from the start. While I could do weeks 1-4 fairly easily, I tended to run quicker. Once the times running got longer my pace slowed and I started to properly feel the benefit of the plan. The getting out regular is the key. 

    My advice start at the start but push yourself a bit during the running intervals.

  • I would start W1D1 and if it's too easy, make your second run W2D1 and your third run W3D1 etc. until you can find your rightful place and work from there. It's your body and you've already completed the plan so do what feels right for you, just take it easy and be honest about your fitness level. 

  • I agree with the other comments.  Do a run from Wk 1 and see how you feel.  If that's easy, then do a run from Wk 2.  If Wk 2 is easy do a run from Wk 3 next.  When you hit a run that is harder, that's your point to restart the programme.  I've had quite a few breaks since graduating and usually start again at Wk4/5.  Even with a break it's quicker to build up fitness than when I first started.  For one thing, I know I can do it!  Good luck  and enjoy getting fit again!  My new goal is to get back to running for 30 minutes and then keep doing it!!

  • Hi and welcome back 😊

    I would start at week 1,you know what to expect, it will build your confidence quickly.

    Your body will remember but still take it slow and steady and you will be just fine , enjoy the experience 😊

  • I agree with Slow_Rob... start again.. You know the ropes..no pressure of the unknown:0

    Just take it steady and slow and build back up again. You should fly it... ( not literally obviously!) :)

  • I agree with Slowstart and Kellywillow, that's what I did. You'll know yourself when you need to restart the programme proper.

  • You can do the programme again for structure and to regain your fitness, or you can just get out there gently a few times and see how you go in the knowledge that you are fundamentally capable of running for 30 minutes continuously.

    I can really recommend joining in with the Quests that our volunteer administrator RealFoodieClub puts up here - you choose your own goals for a six week period and report in on progress. There's no pressure but a helpful level of accountability. Without that I am quite certain that I would not have had the 7k+ run and the 1km swim this week that I fundamentally wanted to do but would not have got around to. You can join at any time but there's a new Quest cycle on Monday so it is the perfect timing for you.

  • Maybe your food is the culprit? I do find that depending on what I eat, I get blotted or tired or just want to curl up with a good book. Maybe write down everything you eat and see if there is a pattern. Also the time of the day you run may make a difference. Or then maybe you are just human and like us you have ups and down in energy.

  • Start with runs that will be easy for you to ease yourself into it. Advice above sounds good.

  • Hi and thanks for all your replies. I think I was probably trying to do too much and not resting in between. I think three runs on three days is probably not advisable!

    I happily ran 4K on the treadmill in the gym yesterday. I'm having a rest today.

    It's amazing how little things make a difference: If I'm wearing too much and get too hot, or if I haven't got the "right" (wrong beat) music on.

    Is anyone else this, um, quirky when it comes to running?

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