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Definitely got my running legs back

Have been really struggling lately and have had to take a week off a while ago to sort myself out.

So have come back with attitude. Im doing my 10k in just over 3 weeks now so needed to work out what was going wrong. So need to eat before going out running as cant do it without anymore.

So have been doing the bridge 2 10k programme. When it works its really good. I have completed week 3 run 2 this morning. Didnt feel like going as have a cold and my chest is sore, but I still managed it with a couple of 30 second walk breaks to catch my breath. But still managed to run 8k in 57 mins.

Am really feeling confident about this run now xxx

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Good! I am doing Bridge as well but I've been stuck on it for a lot longer than the 5 weeks, and not making any progress, but I've not been too well either so it make take a while before I crack it.

You have to keep plugging away don't you. I just wish I was 30 years younger! LOL


Well done Snats. I need to do more on that programme. Misswobble I won't make it in the time allocated either. Got to get myself out there and do more. Send us some of the attitude please Snats.


Thank you both for your kind words of encouragement. I dont know how long the attitude will last but I am feeling really good about the running again. I don't know to be fair that I will complete the programme in time either but I have a target to get to so it does help. I think the weather also helps as I do prefer going out if it is nice rather than the rain. Hope you both manage to complete it in your own time and comfort. All the best xx


Thanks Snats. I can't imagine entering for even a 5k yet. MissWobble I don't have any excuses for not doing more in this programme.


I'm doing all sorts of stuff to get fit but it's not working. Having horrible ears and sinuses isn't helping. My nose won't stop running! I'm still running though! Ha ha. Just invested in some fitness DVD's this very day, and, and this afto I got a GARMIN!!!!!! Whoop whoop. So I shall be raring to go tomorrow morning, pockets stuffed with tissues o'course! LOL

Do you suppose the Garmin will make me run faster. Tee hee


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