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W9 - legs of lead but wierd!!


Not sure what on earth is going on with me! W8R3 I seemed to run so strong but pace was at 7’18 which meant I ran about 3.8 K. Tonight was W9R1 and thought I might need to stop as my legs felt like they would buckle... managed the full 30 mins at a pace of 7’06 for 4.3k. How did this feel so awful compared to my previous run, yet I was better tonight????? I think the fields I run past must be fields of Triffids that spray me with something bizarre.. can’t figure it out! Happy running everyone..

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First of all well done. That’s amazing to be running for so long. I have had similar feelings, for me what I realised is I was pushing myself that little bit more and striving for better results. The pace change over that period of time is impressive. Part of the wobbles etc is your body learning to adjust to the new pace. Be proud of yourself. Remember to not get disheartened you are achieving such amazing things. Sometimes without explanation runs will be harder. Keep going, embrace it and you can do anything.


That's pretty fast to be honest - my best pace for 5k is about 7:08, so you might want to slow it down a tad to make things a little easier. But whatever, you’re doing great!

At a guess (I am not a doctor) your increased pace has raised your heart rate, and you are burning through your short term energy supplies faster. The legs becoming like lead happens when the glycogen stored in the muscles is exhausted, you can run through this because the body starts to use fat as a fuel. This is basically what the 'recovery period' is about - the body replenishing those glycogen stocks - and repairing any damage. Of course, the heart is a muscle too, so it can feel pretty bad when the body can't yet supply the fuel fast enough.

So, listen to your body, slow down a bit. The pace will come when you have trained up a bit more. You are doing fantastically well.


Don’t know why, some days we just feel better but afterwards realise we ran slower or vice versa. Don’t worry, you did it and that’s what counts. Well done!

can you explain those pace numbers please , what does 7.08 refer too?


Thanks for your comments everyone. Trapeze - I believe the 7'06" refers to the number of minutes taken to run 1K. In other words, to run 5K in 30 minutes, you would have to run at a pace of 6'0" ie. 6 minutes per km...

thanks, seems obvious now you explained it. I am on last run of 4th week tonight but although I havent given up on any, I feel slow. N

thanks, seems obvious now you explained it. I am on last run of 4th week tonight but although I havent given up on any, I feel slow. Is there an average time for completing 5k ?


Hi Trapeze, I asked the same question! It doesn’t matter at all about pace at any stage in C25K. The main thing is that you run and complete every stage in order for the correct running time! I am not concerned at all about my speed, I just noticed that when I thought I was slow, I was faster than when I ran better! Good luck, and forget pace!!

thanks again, at 61, just pleased that i am completing them as they come up on my phone app.Seem to be getting slightly easier too which is a relief.

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