Taking a short break and Steph - the final update (I hope!)

I did W4R1 on Sunday, and it went very very well.  However, yesterday, I could hardly walk - my legs, particularly my knees, were the stiffest and sorest they've been.  They are a lot better today, and I understand this is all part and parcel of building up my fitness.  However, this weekend we are going away for a week in Cornwall in our faithful camper van; last time we went was just after my abortive attempt to start C25K when I was at my heaviest, and I spoilt the holiday (for me, at any rate) by not being able to do anything very much as I'd damaged my right knee.  So I've decided discretion is the better part of valour, and rather than tempt fate and  risk spoiling our break, I'm going to have a short rest, with every intention of starting again when we come back. We plan to do lots of walking while we're away, so hopefully I'll be able to pick up where I left off. :) 

Also, we released Steph on Sunday evening, back in the garden of the house I picked her up from. I held her up on my open hand; she had a quick look round, deployed her wings, and was off.  She did a couple of circles to get her bearings, visited both neighbours' gardens, and then came back and started flying round the fruit tree, catching insects as she went. Textbook release, really. It's very rewarding when it goes like that, but I always feel a little bit sad later when I'm cleaning out the tub the bat has lived in!


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12 Replies

  • Hi Nig, sorry to hear about your knees :-(

    You are definitely doing the right thing by resting them , best be safe than sorry . No pressure on doing the runs in the 9 weeks either . I know it is very disappointing but best have a little rest now rather than an longer lay off further down the line .

    Oh little Steph Bat ! I am so pleased it all went well . I thought about you both last night wondering how you had both  got on . That is such good news , although you must miss them when they toddle off again , back to the wild .

    Hope your knees feel better soon xxx

  • Thankyou for that - I was a bit worried people were going to think I was being a bit of a wimp, so I'm very reassured that I'm doing the right thing. And how lovely you were thinking about Steph yesterday!

  • Bye bye little Battie bat...Great job you...mission accomplished..:)

    But... poor knees... I sympathise ... You are doing the right thing.. ease off, a few lovely Cornish walks and back to full power after your break.. I'll miss you.. and watch out for your posts!!!!

    You will be fine x

  • Thankyou so much :) And I'm sure your comment "Weeeeeee!" with your good wishes in your reply to my last post helped Steph on her way no end...

  • Just remember you have us all to come back to when your back of your holiday.   Your walking should keep your fitness levels up and the break will do you a world of food.  Awwww empty nest syndrome, I am sure it is bitter sweet when you see them fly off.   Glad she went off ok.  

  • It really is, but at the same time it's lovely to know you've been involved in making them better. And thankyou!

  • It's not unusual for a bit of a break to bring surprising gains. Have a lovely holiday.

    Thank you for sharing Steph with us.

  • Thanks for that :) I should be thanking you for being interested in her - I did wonder if I'd get my wrists slapped for posting about a bat on a running forum!

  • The secret of the forum's success, I reckon, is that we all know that what we have in common is doing the programme and not necessarily anything else, so we focus on what brings us together.

    But hearing about these other activities people do is a kind of leaven that helps the whole thing to work. (Obviously if not appropriate we'd make you run round the block as punishment, ha ha)

  • Hee hee! Ok I'll bear that in mind! Although there is a bakery that makes the most awesome doughuts on the way...

  • I think you are very sensible and it does no harm to rest when you need to.

    Love reading about the bats!

  • Thankyou very much!

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