I think I actually feel like a runner now! First 10k and a charity challenge update!

I think I actually feel like a runner now! First 10k and a charity challenge update!

I have had what can only be described as an excellent week! Started my 1 million steps for Help for Heroes last Friday, so a minimum of 16130 steps a day for 2 months, so I have been out and about doing lots of walking, however still wanting my 3 x 30 minute runs every week to.

Was planning the park run last Saturday but the weather was lousy and it is hard to leave a nice cosy bed and snuggles with my darling wife so gave it a miss and went for a long walk instead. Sunday we had already planned a nice walk along the Leeds - Liverpool canal from Shipley, Bradford to the Bingley 5 rise locks and back, was a lovely day for a walk, about 8 miles in total with a nice lunch at the 5 Rise locks cafe at the halfway point. A very very enjoyable day out. Was still a beautiful evening when we got home so the lycra had to put an appearanc in, as I had 3 very energetic days up to that point I planned to just do a few km's of interval running, 2 min run 1 min walk just to keep myself used to running, however once I got going I kept going, and kept going for 6.6k. Rather surprised myself, thoroughly enjoyable.

Better was to come later in the week though, got my challenege steps in easily on both Monday and Tuesday, and was doing reasonable well on Wednesday too considering it was a day in the office, had about 6000 to do after leaving the office so a 5k run would have seen those off nicely, so off I went on a nice 5k loop that I run on evenings when I am down in Leicester. Took it nice and slowly, just enjoying the feeling of 1 foot in front of the other, listening to my music and generally enjoying being outside. Before I knew it I had completed the loop, was feeling pretty good so wwent round again!!  My first 10k, what a feeling it was too.

Things just keep getting better though, Thursaday was the end of the first week of my challenge, (see justgiving.com/Andy-Symons for more details) and I have completed 154379 steps so far. 845621steps still to go but 41469 steps ahead of schedule and total distance covered 83.04 miles.

So a great week which was topped off this morning when I popped on out scales to find the first number wasn't a twenty something for the first time in many many years, 19st 12lb, to think last June it was a 25 and very close to being a 26. I'm feeling great!!!! Definitely an excellent week.


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12 Replies

  • Absolutely brilliant- both the running and weight loss :)

    Look at your even pace and then in the 9th kilometre- did you grab a scooter?!

    Definitely excellent :)

  • 9th K was gravity assisted. Bit of a downhill stretch.  Lol

  • Well you had to go up to go down, so well done :) My pace reads very, very similar (apart from 9k) but I'm just running 5km and on the flat! Very inspiring Andy x

  • You absolute star. That is indeed a fantastic week. Well done, you! 🏃👏🎉

  • Amazing... what a run. 

    You have achieved so much...and doing so much for other folk too; an inspiration.

    Go you :)!

  • Wow Andy very impressed on all fronts, excellent running walking and weight loss-brilliant! 😊

  • Very impressive, I'm exhausted just reading your post!

    You are definitely a real runner!

  • Goodness, I'm exhausted just reading that account. Very very well done Andy 😀😀

  • Very well done on the 10k and the weight loss. Your steps per day are also impressive, I manage to keep mine above the 10k but it's a struggle on work days, downfall of a sedentary job

    Best of luck with the rest of the challenge

  • Days in the office do make it a real challenge to get a decent step count. I have taken to getting in a bit early and going for a quick 1 mile walk and then again at luchtime a quick mile and a half. I also make a point of getting out of my chair at least once an hour. I also send any printing downatairs so I have to go get it. Every step counts. ;)

  • Andy you are doing amazingly well !

    What a turnaround and its all due to your hard work, determination and commitment .

    Well done you ! xxx

  • Well the week carried on going well. I ended up working on Sudnay, but it was only a half day and over in Southport so took the wife and dog and had a very enjoyable afternoon in Southport, plenty of steps in and the obligatory seaside fish and chips followed by an ice cream. As I had worked Sunday I took a half day on Monday and set off at lunchtime for a short walk, anyway 8 miles later I thought it was probably time to head back home, especially as the wife wanted collecting from work. Monday evening is our slimming world class so we also worked the 3 mile round trip to the class, where after a 6.5lb loss for teh second week running I received my 6 stone award!! Only 11.5 lb to target now!  Feeling rather pleased.

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