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On the home trail (Week 9)

On the home trail (Week 9)

Eight weeks ago, I would never have been able to run for a bus let alone 5km so the thought of running on what was meant to be a relaxing holiday didn't even come into my thought process. As the time got closer I realised that I desperately didn't want to stop the C25K programme which, thank God, up to now I have managed without having to take a break or repeating any weeks. So the running gear came with me to Corfu - and I loved it!

If I'm honest, at the end of every run I still feel like I reached the end of what I can do physically. I'm too embarrassed to run alongside someone else as that 'conversation pace' everyone speaks about still seems to allude me. That said, over the weeks I've found my 'comfortable' pace which remains fairly consistent over every km.  

The magic 'oh, this is quite good' moments are when half way round I suddenly realise I'm not puffing and panting  (quite as much) and start to enjoy what I'm doing. 

So back home, I've just completed W9R2 (5.2km in 30mins) which was a PB. I might still feel exhausted at the end of every run but the recovery times are in seconds now rather than minutes before. 

I looking forward to my solitary final run some time this week and have signed up for my first park run as a way to celebrate completing C25K. 

For those just starting out or struggling - stick with this programme - it's amazing, addictive and achievable. 

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Wow well done that's a great time for the 5K. I'm hoping I will be able to do it under 45 minutes as I go slow and steady. It is addictive I miss running every day off and that's something I never thought I would say!

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That's fantastic!  Well done, you!  Enjoy your graduation run 🏃😊


Indeed - amazing, addictive and achievable!


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