couldnt do it :( w7r3 ....... twice

as above , very disappointed , tried twice today before work i managed just the warm up walk and didnt even start running my head was all over place my tummy hurt my legs were tired etc etc , came back from my lil voluntary job feeling perkier and decided to jump back on treadmill , ran for 7 minutes and turned it off , i was beat , i hope i can get back into the swing as this has made me doubt 30 mins regular is doable for me i hope im just having a "meh in a funk day " , i will try again on sunday to crack it !!!


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15 Replies

  • Don't be downhearted think how far you have come from W1 rest up relax and I am sure you will crack it on sunday

  • Don't worry - you will do it. I did the first 25 minutes at the end of W6 then failed on my next couple of attempts (if not three) but then I got there. I know you find it very hard to go outside to do the running, but it may help being in the fresh air, although having said that, you have done it already so you know you are capable. Leave it for today and come back with a different frame of mind on Sunday and let us know how you get on.

  • It really doesn't matter about today - have another go in a few days when you are feeling better about it. You've already come such a long way and achieved some much. Put it down to the rain - I am! 😉

  • that would work if i was actually outside in the rain lol xx !!!

  • Hi Secksy34

    where do you keep your treadmill? the reason I ask is, I keep mine in the living room, when I first started in January it was colder, less humidity and easier! now is a different beast! the temp in our living room is around 21c hot and stuffy atmosphere, it is more like altitude training! I cannot run as fast or as long without sweat pouring off me. I would suggest before a run pour cold water on your head and if possible keep a cold damp cloth around your neck, it will make it easier, it works for me and good luck with your next run.


  • hi stephen , the room its in is actually quite cold ( until i start running ) i think im just having a bad week lol , will man up and try again on sunday !

  • That's ok, people were meaning in Tesco that the rain was making them feel miserable and it wasn't raining in there! 😆

  • week7run1 was my bad one. And I felt so rubbish having not managed it. But you know what? I gave myself a rest day then tried again, and I did it! You will too. It's a bad run, that's all. 25 minutes it doable cause you 've already done it twice, you know you can.

    Slow and steady x

  • There will always be bad runs. I reckon the bad ones are when you pay for the good ones, you're due one where you feel like you could run forever so don't give up before you get your prize!

    Have a rest, do something nice for your body, and do try running outside... I don't know what the block is for you but there is so much joy to be had running out in the world so try not to rule it out.

  • i am working towards going outside , just gotta get my head round it x once i get out of the door a couple of times ill be okay , but the first step is the biggie !

  • What about going with a friend? Or there might be a local club that runs a c25k or a beginners session. You'll find that runners have huge admiration and respect for anyone starting out - we know how hard it is and what determination it takes - so don't be worried about them.

    I really wish I'd connected with other real life runners sooner - I go to a session every week with my club that has every possible speed from walking to a blur - we all encourage each other and the fastest circle round behind the last runner to keep everyone together and give you a 'well done' as they go past again.

  • Oh dear. You can do it. You did it 3 times already, so there's no reason to doubt. You may just need, to give yourself a break. W7 is hard. Including W6R3 you are doing 4 long 25 minute runs in succession, which you have never attempted before - and probably couldn't even contemplate a few weeks ago.

    Y o u are a runner. Chalk it up to experience, class it as a practice run; give yourself another rest day and dwell on it no longer- you've got this👟👟👟

  • " Nothing to fear, except Fear itself" Don't give the doubts any headroom... this was a blip...lots of reasons.. and now, put it out of our mind.

    Rest up...think how far you have come, not how far to go... and when, on Sunday you hed out again.... relax, go slow and go steady! You will do this :)

  • try running outside maybe and just remember everything is slow , slower and slower still forget about distance covered [its a red herring] just focus on 30 minutes running , thats what the app trains you to do , distance will come later [ i still aint done 5k in the 30 min , done it once for the craic and done 5k in 48 min]

    You can look at it as running 3 x blocks of 10 mins or 6 blocks of 5 mins or even 10 x blocks of 3 , and count them down as you go along , you will surprise yourself . After you complete run 3 you only have another 6 runs to do , you can do it , weeks 8 and 9 wont feel as hard .

  • Oh Secksy, don't be disheartened. Some days are like that. As the runs get longer there is more time to think 'Can I honestly do this, really?'. Sounds like you are just a bit tired. That's Ok, just don't put yourself under loads of pressure. It'll be OK. You can do this.

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