Parkrun, the kindness of strangers and IC

In spite of not getting enough sleep last night, I woke bright and early at 7.00 - good time to have a breakfast, walk the dog and head into Parkrun.

For the first time since I started doing Parkruns it really was a glorious day and I was really looking forward to it. A very slow jog in, deposit my bag on a tree, and join the crowd at the starting line.

Garmin gremlin kicked in and it wouldn't work. Ah well never mind, I could live without that.

During the first k I just felt something wasn't 100% in my groin area, but not enough to make me stop. As I continued the niggle continued but then vanished. I had one k to go and then I just had to stop - not a niggle, but a full blown pain in my groin.

I limped down to the finish line and joined the long queue for the scanner. Wondering how on earth I was going to walk the 2.5 k home. Got chatting to a woman, she shared her excitement at finishing so quickly, and I shared my disappointment at getting injured and finishing so "slowly"!

Anyway as I was about to walk (limp) off she said, "I'll give you a lift home." My word how sweet those words were!

Later I had to go to the supermarket to get some essentials, and a woman could see I was struggling, bless her she went and got a trolley for me to lean on - never had a trolly for 3 items before!!

So I'm now parked on the IC for a bit, but I am so thankful for the 2 angels who helped me today.


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19 Replies

  • Hey David - get it seen to and get well. Sometimes with all the horrible news in the world we can become a bit cynical and its lovely to see real kindness and caring - it's just that the good things hardly ever make the news! Hope your IC time is incredibly brief :)

  • That's true, good news doesn't sell.

    I'm hoping for a short visit to IC too! Especially since the weather is suddenly so nice!

  • Oh no, sounds bad. I hope you are back on track soon!

  • It was a strange experience, once I stopped to walk, the limp got worse! And certainly got much worse through the day. I'd only stopped coz I thought maybe a walking break of a few steps would let me finish easier. But there was no way I could start running again.

  • Ouch😱

  • Oh that sounds nasty. I hope you've got your feet up on the injury couch and are resting.

    How lovely of those two people to help you out. It just goes to show there are some really nice people around.

    I hope you make a swift recovery and are soon back out there running.

  • Thanks! I couldn't really put my feet up, my dear hubby is abroad & I had visitors over the weekend. It takes a long time to cook, (or do anything!) when you have hold onto things to walk around the kitchen!

    Thankfully they did all the clearing up AND more importantly walked the dog for me - that's the real challenge! 🤕

  • Oh gosh that sounds grim, but these marvellous angels are everywhere and it makes the heart warm when there is so much awfulness in the world... I hope it sorts out soon.... GP perhaps if it doesn't??

  • The angels are amazing. 😀

    It has eased off somewhat, but if it doesn't improve more by tomorrow, then I will go to the GP, but I think it is getting better. Hope so!

  • Well done you and I hope whatever heals really quickly... :)

    There are some beautiful people in this world.. sometimes we forget that in the horrors that we see ... :)

  • That's my hope too!

  • Yeah, with 24-hour news constantly showing us the horrors that occur in this world it can be easy to forget that the vast majority of people we meet and interact with are very nice.

    Sorry to hear about the injury, take care and let's hop it is just a small strain.

  • I'm hopeful it's just a small strain, Saturday it felt like a Grade 3 one, but hopefully it's not!

  • Yes , the world is still a beautiful place xxx

    Take care and hope youre feeling good to go again very soon xxx

  • Thanks! My husband made me a walking stick a few years ago, for the hills, it's been very useful!

  • Glad those angels saw you okay. Hope you can take time to rest, and maybe pop to the GP too. x

  • Thanks. I will go if I need to! I've got a physio friend, so I'll maybe have a word with her too!

  • Get well soon Davoda.x

  • Thank you:)

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