Now that I run in the park I've been making a joyful acquaintance with gravel. Since I try to follow Laura's c25k+ advice to kick up your heels and get a circular leg motion going, Ialso kick up gravel and every run some of it flies up, lands on the back of my trainers and makes its slow, pointy way down my heel. I have to decide whether to stop and dig it out or push my toes to the front of my trainers and let it fall inside, work its way to under my arch. I usually do the latter since I can't be bothered stopping but have quite a gravel collection in my shoes sometimes. Give me mud any day!


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  • tighten laces??

  • Don't think it would make much difference. They're not entering via the top or sides, just the heel and my shoes aren't loose. I think it is just they're small bits and as your foot moves, they jab their way in. Not a great fan of gravelled paths anyway but they put a lot down in winter here because of the ice and it is still here in spring of course. Not going anywhere fast, except inside shoes!

  • so annoying, I hate that feeling!!

  • Have the same problem. It can be very annoying! I sometimes wonder how I do it - it even happens when I pull my running tights over the tops of my shoes so in theory the gravel can't get in. Fortunately there's not too much gravel around where I run. 

  • It is a mystery alright. Only ever creeps down my heel. Just one of the joys of running I think. Not much compared to the bleeding nipples some of the men were talking about.

  • Ouch - even the tiniest weeniest bit of gravel feels like a rock in your shoe doesn't it! Can suggest a solution but I do sympathise.

  • Just had to have a bit of a moan about it. I will have to develop a technique of balancing on one leg while very quickly twisting round to dig the gravel out from behind the heel of the other foot. All this without losing my momentum. I will be a sight to see whilst honing my craft.

  • Go mud! Gravel..ouch!

    The whole Laura leg thing is a hoot! I giggle every time I do it!!!


    Have you enough to make a gravel path yet?


    Be careful too. the Park and the local Council may start charging you for taking taking pebbles and stones from the beaches... eeek! :)

  • Ha! Could just imagine someone charging you for that! Maybe I could have a little Japanese tinkling fountain with a Buddha statue and gravel all around the outside?

  • Well... in light of the proposed Park run charges... it may be not so funny! :)

    Yep... little fountain and little statue sounds wonderful! Pikkies when completed please :)

  • Yes, that's such a shame. Hope they rethink it.

  • Well hopefully... I signed the petition anyway!

  • Where did you find it?

  • There was a link on the BBC news site I think that was where I found it... Not sure if this will work...

  • Yes, it worked. Thanks for that Floss. Not sure if it helps when I post from overseas but I signed it too.

  • Yeay.. all in it together..!

  •  Like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong

    As shoobop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom

    Chang chang changitty chang shoobop

    That's the way it should be, wha ooohhh, yeah

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