Preferred running surface and places

Just wondering where u like to run best? Is it in the local park on grass? Through the woods on a gravel track, in the country park on mud or on the pavement around your housing estate? My favourite run is through the woods on a flat gravel track because whatever the weather, even if it has been raining, I can get out into the countryside without getting bogged down. Also it is very quiet and few dog walkers are around!! I love dogs by the way, just not sure a runner is a friend or a plaything and don't want to get bitten 😄


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  • I run up our old railway line ( obviously it's not a railway line anymore - that would be a bit foolish😮). So, a road to get there, then a mud track basically which gets delightfully muddy when it rains but drains quite well. I also run on a few trails which take me through woodland, a field, and then back up the old embankment. So, it's quite varied and very beautiful and being there takes me to my happy place! I have a pavement pounder locally for when it is too dark, but it's just not the same. I do come across dogs but no problems yet (touch wood). One did come chasing after me yesterday, but I just slowed down, avoided eye contact and said hello! He lost interest after that! You never quite know what to expect from them though, do you?

    Happy running😀

  • I love the sound of the railway track, hope I find one near me 🙂

  • I run on pavement and grass round my local park. It's nice and quiet, and a very attractive part of town, lots of lovely houses to nosey at as I go round!!

  • I love nosey glances too, see so much when u r not in the car LOL

  • I run on a Tarmac and paved seafront promenade, and Tarmac paths through the neighbouring common.

  • I did Parkrun last week but didn't see you, busy last Saturday and next but will try and find you next time I run one, should be 2 weeks !

  • I won't be able to do the one on the 21st, but after that have few distractions. I haven't been there since 3rd October thanks to 4 weekends away (rugby World Cup plus holiday) and then not wanting to run last Saturday in the high wind.

  • I've had Uni visits with my Daughter hopefully next Saturday will be the last one for a while ! I didn't run tonight because of the high wind ! ;)

  • Very jealous as I have never run by the sea, sounds amazing, will have to try it soon but I am miles from the coast in landlocked Northamptonshire LOL

  • I run on the beach, on grass, dirt tracks and concrete path. I run early in the morning as I don't like to be seen and I like the peace and quiet. I did some running on bitumen on the side of the road at one stage while on holiday and did not like it at all. I would love to run in the wood but we haven't got some of those here.

  • I have plenty of woodland which I love but running on the beach must b fantastic 😄

  • I run on the towpath. Beautiful scenery, reasonably quiet and best of all flat! I also go on a track down by the river and round the rugby field. It can be a bit muddy and slippy so best avoided in the wet. I live in a beautiful part of the country but it is a bit hilly hence the towpath. I've yet to brave the hills. 😊

  • That sounds brilliant, haven't tried the canal towpath, must try it, sounds peaceful and I love the water too

  • I run along the road outside my house, it is very scenic with hardly any traffic. It's hard on my feet but if I see a snake I can give it a wide berth.

  • I have to run on the path when it is dark but try and do so where it is pretty, snakes, yikes no thanks 😟

  • I am a real townie and like tarmac. I don't like grass, too bumpy, and as for no no!

  • The gravel track is on a hard path so it is fine actually but I love grass running. Have to use paths sometimes too, especially in the dark or in wet weather so they r handy😄

  • On anything really, tarmac, loose gravel, grass I find takes off the thumping very slightly, so use that if choice, as long as not too long & wet.

    Wet leaves, tree roots!lol

  • My trail shoes get soaked in long grass but I like the softness of grass to run best. My eyesight isn't the best so I have to try my best to skip over tree roots, fun though going off track?

  • Anything flat for me though avoid mud as I cosset my beautiful Brooks Ghost shoes ! Running downhill hurts my knees so I avoid hills. I usually run on tarmac or along a disused railway (which has a mixture of surfaces) and don't mind short grass but I find smooth tarmac easiest ! :)

  • I love my 2 pairs of shoes too but they seem to clean up ok but I am the same, not looking to get them caked in mud!!

  • I'm with CG, I prefer paths preferably tarmac. I can tolerate gravel tracks or even in the woods if it's dry, but I hate mud. I'm scared of dogs, so every run can be a trial, but you get to know which dogs to run past and which ones to avoid. I haven't had anything serious go wrong yet.

    Best of all is seafront promenade. Flat, open, sea air. I ran my first 10k in the canaries, and I've run along the front in Brighton.

  • Great thread Joolie 😀

    I started C25K out with my dogs- who were bemused astonished and downright embarrassed!- out on top of Leckhampton Hill, on the edge of the Cotswolds. It's a combination of mud, stone, and grass. I stuck to off road for lots of reasons- avoiding people, minimising impact etc. Then I went running with a friend (a proper runner!) for a couple of runs around week 4/5 on roads in France and when I managed The Biggie (W5R3) bought myself some proper road running shoes and ever since have been mostly on Tarmac.

    I've run on a beach- my goodness that's hard work! But lovely to be by the sea!

    And now find squishy soft grass harder than Tarmac to bounce off. However I am so glad that trail running remains a challenge because it is great to be away from the air pollution of traffic and run, run, run through woods and along the edge of hills... Wimbledon Common parkrun is on mud and bound tracks so it's lovely when not too wet. I would really love to do a canal run, too! All this ahead, lovely to have things to look forward to 😀

  • Thank you everyone, I have a wish list now of places I want to run, amazing how much variety there is xx

  • I love running on soft surfaces. I like the carpet of leaves at the moment. The mud is not wonderful but does cushion the impact.

  • My favourite runs are the ones which leave my shoes with half a peat bog to wash off and my toenails to scrape out and wet half way up my calves. So I like deep puddles and bog, and I love winding woodland paths nicely padded with leaves or pine needles.

    I am lucky enough to live near moors with fabulous views and a little bit of gritstone edge in the mix is lovely too.

    Oh and no livestock/ground nesting bird issues so the dog can be off lead rather than on the waist belt.

  • try and go before work so no time to find a nice scenic run just out the front door and pound the pavements in a circle til i get home again! Not exciting, not much to see but still feels good to get out and run!

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