Can't handle the heat :-(

It is really hot these days and the sun is shining bright at 6:45am. I prefer morning runs as such but the heat is just killing me and my stamina. The worst part is it is sunny till around 6:30pm in the evening too. I eat dinner at around 7pm as such. I have major heat issues like headaches, nausea and frankly at times I feel I will faint(which has happened twice before). The gym is really far and is not a choice. Any suggestions please? I haven't made it for a single run in the past 3 days now. :-(


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14 Replies

  • Can you run early like 5 am? I often do this as I have to get to work!!

  • The earliest I can start from home is at 6-6:30. The place I run at which has a running track opens only at 6.

  • How hot is it?  

    I'm just wondering if you might have an issue with hydration if you're getting headaches and nausea?  

    Is this only when you run or do you have a general issue with heat intolerance?  If that's the case I would suggest going to the doctor and get yourself checked out.

    Running in the heat is so much more taxing on the body.  If your health is ok maybe make sure you are properly hydrated and eat a little something before you go for a run and just keep the first one short and slow to see how you get on.  Even if you only run for 10 minutes it might help you gauge your tolerance levels.

    Hope you find something that helps.  Not running sucks :(

  • The problem only occurs while running only when it is sunny. If I walk in the sun I just get a headache at times. 

  • I'm guessing that morning is the coolest time of the day for you unless it is possible to run after dinner?  Would it help to take water with you and sip it as you go?  Maybe try a run/walk routine of some sort when it's really hot?

    Sorry, I seem to be asking more questions than helping really.  Just wish I could help really :\  

  • Where are you...?

  • Mumbai, India

  • Where do you run? On the road or in a park? The parks will have more trees so some shade at least.

  • Goodness.. well I am no expert, and I am sure you  know what you are doing re hydration etc..and are healthy and fit to run... it would seem the only answer is, as juicyju suggests. and earlier run.. 5-30 the mornings? 

    I used to get up at 5, before  work.. even in the cold UK climate... I wasn't running then but walking before work... Would it be possible for you to do the early run?

  • Could you slow your speed down?  It's easy to overdo it in the heat.  Also a brimmed cap is essential when it's hot out.  You could also add more frequent or longer walk breaks.

  • I've recently got a peaked running cap from eBay, it's called a Merrell sprint hat, to protect my scalp due to thinning hair. It has a UPF 50+ sun protection rating with opti- wick fabric to wick moisture away from the skin, so breathable & light. Although not baking hot in the UK at the moment, I've worn it a few times in the sun and didn't really know I had it on, and head remained cool.

    Or the other thing you can do is get a head torch & run at night on the road, as the track wouldn't be open..😊

  • That sounds good. I don't really need it just yet I don't think but that would be excellent for summer.

  • hi there,

    I wondered if you put a wet scarf or something in the freezer or freezer and ran with it on--could it help?

  • Apart from running indoors on a treadmill in a hopefully AC room, your only other options seem to be running late at night or first thing in the morning, even earlier than you are already running. If the track is not open that early, is there somewhere else you could safely run?

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