W3R2 - feeling proud :)

I'm very pleased with myself today! I developed cystitis over the weekend (lovely...), so yesterday the doctor prescribed me a short sharp course of antibiotics which have pretty much seen off the problem, but made me feel pretty bleurgh themselves. However, I got ready, collected my Ipod, my bum bag and Mr Niggit, and gave it my best shot - and I did it!  It was a bit of a slog, but I ached less than on Sunday. So glad I got out there and did it - and I felt so much better afterwards!

Steph, meanwhile, continues to do well - I can tell she's feeling good because she's very tricky to pick up, swears at me constantly while I'm giving her her meds, and when I put her back in her box she scuttles off into her bedding still muttering at me - "Finally! Now fill my food bowl and bu**er off!"


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9 Replies

  • She has the right idea.. what is a bat to do...feeling rough, taking a nap...nice and comfy?

    Bit like you, feeling grotty...but you got out there and it made you feel a bit better. But antibiotics can, even short courses zap you, particularly if you do not have them very often.

    You go steady...but very well done! Onwards and upwards..I am batting for you..( see what I did there...?) :)

  • Heh! :) Thankyou! She was a very good girl this morning and took her antibiotics like a champ. She was still happy to go back to bed though!

  • Well done!  The bleurgh feeling from antibiotics can be pretty grim so you did great.  Hope you feel fully recovered soon.

  • Thankyou! I'm not going to the gym today - running, where I stay relatively upright, is one thing. Doing lots of exercises that involve bending and using my stomach muscles is a different kettle of fish altogether - I suspect neither I nor the gym would be very pleased!

  • Wise move!

  • Congrats - you should be proud on doing any run, let alone one where you are 'bleurghed' shows even more commitment. Well done!

    Also - either Steph is a kid which makes me feel better about my parenting skills or is some animal? If it is an animal then it is scary how familiar that second paragraph is for me kids :-)

  • Ok, that made me laugh out loud :) Steph is a pipistrelle bat I've had in my care for about a week now - I'm a registered carer for the Bat Conervation Trust. But reading my post back, I can see what you mean! There are a lot of similarities between a stroppy bat and an adolescent...

    And thankyou for the congratulations :)

  • Well done, keep plugging away.  The jollop from the doc should see of your cystitis straight away, it's like magic, and what a relief ey.  Keep well hydrated with water and maybe a bit of barley water added

    I saw the bats a flying in my garden last night.  My first sighting of the year ☺ 

    I hope your bat will be good to go very soon

  • Hi Nigg, good to hear the cystitis is getting better . Someone recommended red grape juice to me once , either that or cranberry juice . The antibiotics should see it off good and proper .

    Oh little Steph Bat ! Ha ha , feisty little thing . Oh I love bats ! xxx

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