The dog's got me doing interval training

The dog's got me doing interval training

I had a lovely run this morning. It was a bit chilly but a lovely autumn morning once the drizzle stopped. I completed my planned 30 minutes in record time (for me) and ran further than I've done before. Was pretty tired but managed to find the energy to take Tansy, my pug, for a walk this evening.

Normally our walks are relaxed affairs, slow walking interspersed with sniffing, pooing and peeing (Tansy, not me). Not sure what got into her tonight though. She set off like a four legged Usain Bolt! I always have her on the lead so I had to follow, quickly. As the rain started she got faster! She easily out paced me and she's only got little legs. She's got no stamina though (and neither do I at sprint speed), so we ended up alternating sprinting and walking quickly.

I could have done without it after running this morning, especially wearing rain soaked tight jeans, hoodie and thick waterproof fleece, but I guess every bit training helps.

Here's a photo of her when we got back, soggy and asleep at the top of the stairs.


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  • Ah she looks like I feel after my runsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Were you soggy and asleep at the bottom? πŸ˜‚

  • Certainly slept well that night :-)

  • Aaaaahhhhh ,she is SO cute !

    I can hear the snores from here ha ha ! :-) Yay, Go Tansy, putting a spurt on with those little legs going like the clappers !

    Mine hate the rain, they just stand there looking so miserable, so its always a very quick walk for us when its raining . One of them I have to practically shoe horn out of the door when he sees its raining . Ah Pugs, don't you just love 'em !

    Lovely photo, thanks for sharing :-) xxx

  • Yup, definitely love them. It's all cycles of mad energy then sleeping with them, especially the black pugs.

  • Very true !

    My black pug Doug is nuts !

    Whereas my beige pug Rocky, is so laid back , he's almost horizontal :-) xxx

  • Lovely picture :-)

  • Aw bless 😊 We are pug fans here ☺

    Yes, this learning to run lark does help us with our dog exercising. It was that which inspired me to start running in the first place. I borrowed a dog to help me lose weight by getting much more exercise having become a weightwatcher. I couldn't 't keep up with him when he tried to run when he was on the lead, so rather than hold him back, which was a struggle, I decided I would learn to run with him. I can out run him now 😊 I still walk him twice a week and I thank goodness for the day we met.

    C25k is just the be all and end all for me. I hope it will be for you too. Good luck 😊

  • Thankfully she was a bit slower last night, I could keep up! She just sees a long stretch of path in front of her and has to run I think... hmmm sounding familiar, think I'm getting that way myself.

  • Lovely picture. Someone at Parkrun last week was running with a husky which I thought was quite brave.

  • I'll bet huskies have stamina. They should be able to do 5km without breaking a sweat, as long as it is cold and better still, there's snow on the ground.

  • Aww - what a cute personal trainer you've got there!

  • I love running with a dog, but don't dream of ever outpacing even Tiny Terrier, let alone Her Floofiness! On the bright side, she'll be safe to take out again this week, now her season's over - so with all her pent-up energy I think she'll help me fly along! ;)

    A tired out dog is such a happy thing! :)

  • Lovely picture.. she looks so cute..tired but cute..😊🐢

  • A tired dog is a good dog! That's what I used to say about my nutter of a Jack Russell. He had to be exhausted before he'd be good.

  • Doug the Pug just gets grumpy when he's tired . You can see he is aching to shut his peepers and go to sleep , but he is constantly " on alert "

    Poor Doug , such responsibility on those little pug shoulders :-) xxx

  • What a cute doggie.....tired out after all that running! When I was little I always dreamed of having a pug.

  • I grew up with pugs. They're monsters in disguise! Tansy has the digits 666 in her microchip number for good reason.

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