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10k training

Hi all! I graduated from c25k last year and did my local race for life,however I stopped running shortly after and struggled to get myself started again with a few false starts. So this year I've got my bum into gear and I've regraduated again but am now looking for something more. Is there such a thing as a follow on 10k training programme by the nhs or can anybody recommend a good app that has its own music as I don't really fancy listening to some of the songs on my playlist!!! Let's just say it's not all good running material!

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We have a newish 10 k running forum on here now which you can click on to to talk about all things Bridge to 10k.  

You need to do C25k+ Stepping Stones podcasts. I'd say.  Run them inside out and then think about making the transition up to 10 k using the 10% rule. C25k+ is free to download here, and it's with Laura.

 I got there, and am still running every time I go out the door with music, to Sami Murphy podcasts.  I run this podcast all the time as I love the music so much, most of which was unknown to me beforehand. Even the cool down music is just right. All the tunes are hand picked to be lyrically relevant and have the right beat. Brilliant,  uplifting lyrics when you need them. 

It's tough though so I'd get the Stepping Stones done thoroughly first. Laura holds your hand with those. I still use these podcasts too!  

Sami Murphy Bridge to 10k is here to download free in a Dropbox file. Do a search for it using the search button top right and it should pop up.  It is five weeks, with 3 separate podcasts for week 5.  I got stuck at week 4 but no matter. The music is best on week 4 so it's no hardship.  It's a proper, structured programme and will get you from C25k to 10k safely, but as with everything take it steady.  

Good luck!

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Thank you very much for your help,I shall look into the 10k training definitely.shouldve also mentioned that I've just started the 5+ podcasts and will be completing them numerous times to get myself ready for 10k training. 

I aren't really sure what the 10% rule is all about tho,I've heard of it but have just done my own thing really and have got to 5k reasonably well,I'm actually working to try and beat my 5k time now as I feel I can!

Again thank you for your help!


10% increase in running distance a week.  If you run 3 times a week you do the same distance all week. Start by aiming to run to 6k one week and then progress up to 7k. All the way up to 10k, increasing by 1k each week. That's if you can manage it. You might get stuck but you just keep plugging away til you nail it, then move on. Don't be in a hurry. Take your time and do it steadily as it's a time when you can do too much and hurt yourself.

Enjoy it!


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