Giving C25K a Go (despite my weight)

Still horrendously overweight (despite losing 5 stone) and not exactly young any more, I decided to see if I could run without doing any damage, either to myself or the treadmill (still too nervous about my abilities to brave the big bad outside just yet).

That was about 4 weeks ago and I have taken it really sloooowly, gradually working my way into it. 

It takes me a bit longer to complete each run as I need extra walk time to recover between intervals. I go laughingly slowly on the treadmill at the gym (seriously normal people WALK at the speed I run at), so I have ditched Laura and just do my own thing within the programme, sometimes repeating days if I feel I need to.

So, today, I completed W3D1 and it was harrrrrd, but I did it, my way obviously and I am dead chuffed about it!


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53 Replies

  • Oh my, that is hard going. Well done though, you have every right to be chuffed!

    I used to go on the treadmill at work, but I could hear my feet pounding on the machine & was conscious of other staff around me, so I stopped going. Considering it's free, I am obviously wasting a resource! I wonder if there's a weight restriction - as I've never told them.

  • Thanks Sue, it is hard going, but I have waited long enough to be able to run again.  I miss it so much.

    I hear my feet thumping too, but I am not the noisiest as some even lighter people can be fairly loud, so I just carry on.

    The weight limit must be quite high as I have seen people heavier than me on the treadmills, so figure it must be OK - and I haven't broken one yet!

  • I'm pretty light but you'd never guess based on my treadmill thumping.  That and my heavy breathing makes for awkward treadmill runs.  Headphones and some good tunes solves both problems.

  • Yes, it depends on how your feet land and your shoes, I suppose. The headphones are a blessing for me too.

  • Well done for making a start. Just stick with it, really it is the best thing that I have ever done. Losing 5 stone already is fantastic and you must be feeling proud. It doesn't matter how many times you repeat a run and it doesn't matter how slow you go, just stick with it. Go at the speed that works for you. Just stick with it! Let us know how you get on, this forum is great for support and motivation. X 😊

  • Thank you, it is a relief to have lost the weight I have so far, I feel so much healthier.

    I am enjoying doing the C25K my own sweet way and I don't care how long it takes!

  • Way to go! LTL!  X 😊

  • Losing 5 stone is a fantastic achievement, well done. Just carry on as you are going slowly and steadily and progressing at your own pace, it isn't a race but a new way of life so there is no rush.  Keep up the good work.

  • Thank you, that is a great point - I want to be able to do this long term, so it really doesn't matter how long it takes.

  • Well done, you have exactly the right attitude and I am sure you will succeed.

  • Thanks Rignold, I have my determined hat on!

  • Well done, you've made a fantastic start. Just go at your own steady pace. 

  • Thanks Cathbc01, that is all I can do at the moment, but it feels good anyway!

  • Hats off to you.  Losing 5 stone is already amazing, and you are doing the right thing by taking it slowly.  Keep it up!  Plenty of support here :)

  • Thanks so much, it has been such a relief to get the weight off and two things have been in my head as goals, one was to be able to ride my bike again and the other has been to be able to run again.  Both make me so happy!

  • Brilliant to find you on here aswell and well done for getting so far! You've motivated so many people on the weight loss forum, it will be a pleasure to cheer you on here aswell. You have my utmost admiration for tackling this, but you've obviously run before and know what fun it is! W3 already - fantastic! And just the right attitude. 

    (But it's more fun outside!😈)

  • Hi JaySeeSkinny - look at you all graduated and all! Congratulations!

    I will definitely be outside soon, have been walking several possible routes so that I don't get lost when it comes time to run them.  I intend to start running outside when I get to the longer running intervals as it will be much more fun!

  • In a couple of months you'll be graduated aswell! This running lark is quite addictive, I'm spending more time on here than I am trying to lose weight. Maybe because success is immediate. 

  • Way to go!!!! Laura's right though, just stick at it and it WILL get easier. I'm off to do W3D2 with my girls now :)

  • Thanks Bluewings, I will stick with it, you are right it does get easier.  Good luck with your Day2 run!

  • 5 stone!!! That's amazing and well done to you.  As you said, sloooow and steady and you are doing brilliantly. Keep going gal! 😊

  • Thanks JaxO, I can hardly believe it myself and being able to run has been a great incentive.

  • Well done on the weight loss that is Superb :) 

    keep on doing what you are doing , if it works for you that is the way to go :) 

  • Thanks Rob, it seems to be working, so I will carry on doing my thing, even if it is record-breaking in its speed, if there were any records for slowness!

  • well done to you is all I have to say, your doing brilliantly.  At least you've been moving and getting into a routine of exercising, that is what I find the hardest, the motivation. They say if you do something for 25 days or more it becomes a habit so keep up the good work, well done.

  • Thanks, I have found exercising helps a lot with the weight loss and the weight loss has helped with exercising.  Luckily I have the motivation, so now all I need to do is make it habit!

  • I know all the things I want to do in my head but just no motivation to do it, I have lost weight through eating better and now I need to do the exercising but I keep getting depression which isn't helping me in the motivation dept, at a loss.

  • Oh yes, depression is terrible for making you lose motivation (been there, and that is why I put all the weight on in the first place, grrr).  At first, while I was barely able to move due to a lot of pain, it was a struggle, but my attitude was a little bit like Nike's "Just Do It" (it was sort of like taking medicine, I don't like doing it, but I know it makes me better) It gets easier and then you feel better and then the motivation comes. 

  • Hi Clareed, I don't know if you are doing the programme or thinking about it but well done for the healthy eating and for sure exercise is a wonderful way to combat depression.  

  • I so agree, Beverleyg!

  • I am very much where u describe. Only 1 week left & I've lost motivation, I think due to depression.

  • Well done, great that you are able to adjust the programme to your fitness level, well done.  It is one of the most important skills to have to prevent injury through looking after your legs!  When and if you go outside, you will be surprised, no one is very interested in us!  I have not had any bad experiences because most people are too busy to notice!

  • My biggest fear is falling over, I think!  Also everywhere is hilly in this area - both ways, LOL!

  • I can understand that!  I wear varifocals glasses most of the time but like to run with no glasses.  I have to really concentrate to make sure I don't trip over tree roots, molehills, stand on a dog poo.  Makes it like a challenge though.. My worst nightmare would be twisting my ankle but so far so good!  

  • Perfect idea to tailor the program to your needs.  Well done, keep posting.  We love reading about it.

  • Thanks Runswithdogs, I will and am enjoying reading everyone else's posts on here - have been for a while now.

  • Amazing weight loss! Well done! And good luck with c25k. Have also been there with depression and stacked the weight on which I eventually lost, it takes a while to get back on track again doesn't it.. Don't take any notice of those who give up! determination and motivation will get you through, just come on here for motivation, there's buckets of it!😊

  • Thanks Dave, well done on losing your depression-weight (and for getting running), weight gain seems to happen to many in that situation.

    I am just going to keep on keeping on, even if it takes me longer than the average bear! 

  • Good decision LTL. There will be times that you'll find it hard and you'll want to give up. When that happens just focus on your motivation. You can do this!

  • Thansk KOG - I didn't know you were a graduate too (it is a shame these badges don't carry over onto other forums). 

    I will just have to push through those "can't do it" times, I want to be able to run properly again so much.  Feel quite determined and when I set out to do something I jolly well get it done!

  • You can do it. You are super so just keep it up. Go as slow as you can and take your rest days. There's no rush ❤️

  • Well done Lottolose- running is as individual as we each are and you have turned around your depression (I'm still struggling with that!) your weight (5 stone is amazing! I've lost two and feel chuffed!) and now your fitness levels- brilliant- and doing it in a treadmill too (I find them difficult!)- probably kinder for your legs as you get started...  😀

  • Thanks Rainshine, I must confess that I still struggle with the depression, but have learnt many ways to cope better.  The biggest thing that has helped me is the exercise, if I can't workout, then I am very tetchy.

    The treadmill is great - for now!

  • Welcome LTL. Sounds like you are one determined lady if you can lose 5 stone! I wouldn't want to miss my running now. I think you'll feel the same if you persevere with it. Post after your runs on here and we will try and keep you motivated. I think it is a great thing you are doing and I like the way you're adapting the programme to suit you better. 

  • Thanks Bop, I would be extremely miffed if I couldn't run now and that is why I am being very careful to go slow and listen to my body.

  • Hi !

    Sorry Im a bit late to your post , I just wanted to say a Massive Well Done to you on your weight loss , that is a fantastic achievement !

    Welcome to the board ! Anything that youre not sure about or anything at all , please don't worry about asking . Keep posting as it really helps in keeping you motivated and focused , plus you can look back and see how far you have come !

    The very best of luck to you . Keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you Poppypug, I will enjoy posting after my runs - will try not to whine, LOL!

  • No honestly ,whine as much as you like ! We all have a right good old whine now and again ! :-) xxx

  • Wow!!!! Losing 5 stone is amazing in the first place, and to then begin the C25K. Honestly be proud of yourself. Doesn't matter how long it takes, everyone is different, but reading your post has definitely motivated me to keep going!

  • Thanks AnsterJ, I still feel a bit ashamed I got so heavy in the first place, but I am pleased these past 6 months of hard work have finally paid off and I can enjoy running at last! 

    Good luck with the programme, you are off to a great start!

  • Well done from another newbie and running phobe. Have to say,this is just the right place to get the encouragement we need, so keep on and I will too!

  • Thanks Suebguineapig, I am still working my way slowly through the programme and have just finished week 6. 

    You are right about the encouragement here, it is wonderful!

    Best of luck to you too and, yes, just keep on keeping on!

  • Am sure we will!

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