My C25K Experience So Far

Hi all. Just wanted to share my experiences so far with C25K. I am 57, just under 6ft tall and weigh in at 15 stone. I have a treadmill at home, well my wife wanted to use one but didn't want to go to the gym so I thought I would try it as well, I am not fit but am active, play a lot of golf and always carry my clubs and we walk a lot as well. The first hurdle was how to get started and like everyone here found the C25K programme, I started in mid-April and it's been great. I had lots of great intentions to follow the programme religiously but travelling with work meant that I missed days and even weeks but I kept going, if I missed too long a period I just went back a week and I am now just about to do week 6 run 3, that will be sometime this week, I have to say that so far I have not struggled, that’s not me boasting but more me being surprised, I have never ever enjoyed running and now I do, must be an age thing. I did pick up a calf strain early on that kept me off for 2 weeks, I felt some pain and thought I would run it off, I shouldn't have done but you learn from your mistakes. Although I use a treadmill I sometimes need something to get my rhythm going and find counting steps really helps, just 1, 2, 2, 1 or anything that keeps a rhythm in my head. I have also just brought a pair of running shoes, I was measured for my gait etc. and came out neutral, they do make a difference, my feet feel much more stable on landing and they are so much lighter, I am sure I heard the staff sniggering at my 10 year old trainers but I think they are a great investment although staggered at how much running shoes can cost! My speed is quite slow, I run at 6k but want to get through the programme and then build the speed up and like many others I struggle to breathe through my nose, I tried and it just didn’t work so I don’t even think about doing that now. I doubt I’ll do it this year but if all goes well I am now thinking about entering a 5k next year but at the moment the goal is to finish the programme and then pick the speed up, I’ll let you know how it goes.


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  • Welcome Paul! Great to hear your story and success so far - keep going and keep posting to let us know how you're progressing through the final weeks! :)

  • I will do that, thanks for the encouragement!

  • Welcome to the forum Paul . Yes I think your right it's a age thing ! I started at 55 & it's a year in November since I graduated . It's not been without incident I was on the injury couch for 3 months shortly after graduation & re graduated again in May . I like you have had a calf strain & have been resting for two wks too . Just take it steady & don't push yourself too hard , it's not worth it , you only put yourself back . Goodluck , & remember slowly , slowly ! All the best .

  • Injuries are a worry and the calf was a warning, if I feel any pain again I'll just stop and not try to run through it, that was definitely not a clever thing to do, never thought I would enjoy this.

  • Sounds like you're doing the right thing by taking it easy and focusing on getting through the programme rathr than thinking about speed etc just yet. Nice and easy does it, and it's a great feeling, isn't it?

    As for the breathing through the nose thing... you need oxygen, and any which way your body can get it is far better than not getting enough. So don't worry about it. Just breathe however you can :)

  • I think the programme is the key and I am not worried about speed just yet although stepped up the last 2 minutes today and could tell the difference.

  • Hi there

    Sounds like you're doing great. You will get to 5 k quicker than you think. If you try running outside the miles just get gobbled up seemingly so much faster

    Have fun!

  • Not quite confident enough to run outside yet, I think I'll try and graduate first and then see how it goes from there, next one is 25 minutes non-stop. My guess is the outside elements of wind, rain, cold etc. will make it tougher whereas I just have a treadmill in a room with no weather variables to make it harder, something to look forward to.

  • Welcome Paul. It sounds as if you are doing really well. The next few weeks to graduation will fly by. Why not give running outside a try - its a whole new world!

  • I will but not quite confident enough yet, there's hills and stuff out there!!

  • Hi Paul. I'm in my fifties too and have had two injury breaks so far. I started the programme in May and am now in week 7. I'm the opposite to you- I would be nervous to run on a treadmill, though I do remember using one many many years ago!! Good luck with your next runs x

  • Injury is the fear but apart from the calf strain so far so good, the 25 minute run looks like it will be early Saturday morning, not sure that I can fit it in before then.

  • I will be running it Saturday morning too. Good luck :)

  • Welcome to the C25K communitie :) Someone should do a study to find why we hated running at school and now we are addicted to it :D

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