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I am officially a runner :-o Laura said so :-)

Today I completed w6r3! to think 3 weeks ago couldn't get past 5 mins! and that had been going on for almost a year!

I started walking /running around March last year but could never get beyond 5mins running without having to walk to catch my breath. I put my name down for the Manchester 10k ( 26th this month eek!) after watching the Great North run. I joined the great run training programme and tried to follow that. It wasn't until I discovered this site that I made any real progress.

So if anyone out there who has just started and wonders if this programme will work, I can tell you, I'm overweight (working on it ) and the wrong side of fifty (five) and it's working for me :-)

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Hear Hear - totally agree. There is no way I could be where I am now without the programme. Everytime I go out _ I am apprehensive - but confident I can do what Laura asks me to do.

Roll on week 7:-)


Yes. Bring it on!


Runningmam ... I cried when Laura told me she was proud of me and I could now call myself a runner ...daft I know but it took me by surprise.. and I had just run like you a time I never thought i would ever be able to do,

...Keep going as the end is now near :)


Thanks, and no I don't think it's daft, I was quite emotional too.


Wel done


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