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End of Week 1

So, started C25K this week with two runs, the first was hideous - Monday night in the rain, could hardly jog, knee gave way approx 1.5 miles in to the 2.2 mile route and finished last!

Run 2, no rain, slightly better jogging (no way ready for running yet) and knee gave way approx 1.8 miles in to the 2.2 mile route. Again, finished last :-(

So today, not giving up. Going to get fitted for some running trainers to see if the issue is with the way I run and then off on my 3rd run tonight to test them out.

I am definately couch. I knew I was unfit, I was very overweight at the beginning of the year and am now just overweight after losing 4 stone, and Monday showed me just how unfit I was but am determined to get fitter with a view to getting through the whole program.

The support from my group is brilliant, whist I feel I am holding them all up as someone has to stay with me, they tell me not to worry, it's my journey and there is no feeling that I should stop.

Fingers crossed today's trip to the sports shop will bear fruit and that I can finish the route. Will bring the question as to whether I continue if it isn't better as a result.

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The hardest step is starting - Well done for nearly completing the first week! It must be nice to do it as part of a group too 😊

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Don't worry about the route or the distance or your speed so much - it's the times (ie 1min run/walk etc) that should be your focus. Do them at YOUR PACE. If you're the slowest in the group, then it's only natural that the distance you cover in 1 minute will be shorter than someone faster. In fact, just ignore the distance.

"Couch to 5K" should really be called "Couch to 30 minutes" :-)

And who cares if you're last? You're IN FRONT of everyone on the couch :-)

Good luck with the shoes :-)


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Hope the running shoes make a difference for you. As someone who has dodgy knees, I sympathise greatly!

Don't worry about being the slowest. I am nowhere near 5k and doubt that I ever will be, but that doesn't matter. I'm getting out there twice a week and running for 30 minutes without stopping. That was unimaginable in week 1.

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Proper running shoes will definitely help. As someone with a dodgy knee who has tried several times to get back into running again, as soon as I got fitted with decent trainers ( and a proper sports bra!!) and downloaded the podcasts I was determined to succeed this time. My trainers are really helping along with knee strengthening exercises. Just completed week 5....... slowly but who cares?! Good luck and go at your isn't a race just a journey.


So wore new trainers tonight for run 3 of week 1 - managed to finish the whole circuit and gutted to realise that there was only one 60 second run left after the part of the run where my knee previously locked. Can still feel that my knee is uncomfortable however it didn't lock so hoping that this is the start of something good and that, once broken in, I can build on tonight.

Thanks for all the encouragement - am glad I didnt give up and looking forward to starting week two.


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