Will I be running, still out running......when I'm 64

Ye Gods, I certainly hope so because that will only be in a year's time, it being my 63rd birthday today. Yay!!

I graduated last year on my 62nd birthday and this year's target is the Great Yorkshire Run (10K) in September. Next year's target is the Sheffield half-marathon - there, I've said it. For the first time I've said it in public, although there has been a bit of gentle nudging going on behind the scenes on this forum. Now I've said it I've gotta do it. Nothing like a long-term plan, eh?

Just need the snow to go now so I can get out and run.

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  • Happy Birthday to you! Still running a year on from graduation is well worth celebrating too. And my goodness, those are big targets. Bet you do them. :)

    Now, why do you need the snow to go? (Though I understand from my daughter, also in Sheffield, that it is pretty deep, so maybe not so unreasonable! It's only a couple of inches here, and mostly melted on the paths.) :)

    How many times will you have the opportunity to run in the snow on your birthday in March?!

  • Thanks greenlegs. The snow is 6" here and I'm entirely happy to pass up the opportunity to run in it!

  • Just seen photos of Sheffield snow from my daughter - yes, I can see that would be a bit tricky to run in! :)

  • Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Old Ne-ed, Happy Birthday to you!

    I'm hoping to graduate a few months ahead of my 62nd birthday ... But am fully anticipating continuing after it too. Good luck with the snow, more running, and planning for a woopiedoodlingfantasticallystillrunning birthday this time next year. ;) :) Linda

  • Thanks Linda. Love the description of the woopiedoodlingfantasticallystillrunning birthday!! I'll do my best.

  • Happy, snowy birthday Ned! :) Yes, you certainly will still be running next year and a HM to boot - fantastic!!

    Sue x

  • Thanks Sue - I'm really looking forward to it, and itching for the snow to go!

  • Wow, more inspiration! Happy birthday OldNed, good luck for your 10k and hm, hope I am still running at 63! :-)

  • Happy Birthday! All my best wishes for your running goals, you can do it. :-)

  • I think I can, I think I can, I know I can, I will !

  • Happy Birthday!

    The book 'Born to Run' suggests 60 (something) year olds are capable performance wise over longer distances as 19 year olds.... you're just getting going Ned! :-)

  • Thanks Lynds; just getting going is how it feels to me too. Must be a [very] late developer!

  • Happy birthday young man, i hope you have had a simply smashing day. :)

  • I have indeed Oldgirl! Thank you very much.

  • Hope you had a fab birthday!

    So pleased to hear you say the words out loud...a HM...I knew you would! Hope the nudging wasn't too hard! :)

  • Thanks Ali. Birthday was fab indeed, and no the nudging wasn't too hard. Just what I needed!

  • Happy Birthday a day late but from very sunny Australia. So glad that people like you blog and inspire us. I am so young at 52 so no excuses.

  • 52? Only a youngster! Can you send me some Australian sunshine please?

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