Motivation needed

Completed week 1 to week 3 and feeling really pleased with myself as never been a runner and wasn't sure if I was too old (56)  - did the 1st run of week 4 last night, 1st 3 minutes had to walk part, then ran the next 5 minutes and 3 minutes and then walked during part of the last 5 minutes - legs felt like lead, no rhythm. Any tips ☹ already nervous about 2nd run tomorrow night 


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  • Congratulations on your progress so far! My top tip is to slow it right down, even if you feel like someone could walk faster than you're running. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • Hello.. and welcome to the beginnings of your journey on c25k :) old never.. nervous? We all are!.. statrted!! Brilliant!!   Pleased? Wait till you get hooked.. you are well on your way :)  tips.. it's bloody hard.. it's determination.. but.. I could scream..please if you want to do this.. YES YOU CAN!!!  LOL I still have no rhythm..still have achy legs.. but.. I'm on w7r2.. and I'm amazed..just following the program..keep posting..  follow the support on here..promise we will be beside you every run x never be disheartened..there is always advice no matter what..just ask x. Good luck x

  • Don't worry you will have good runs and bad. Do your best and you will complete the course.

  • You've just hit a bad one- and those are the ones from which you will Mage good progress if you keep pushing. Slow right down from the beginning on your next run and just get through it. You'll probably enjoy it much more than last time- you can do it!

  • Snap! I did the same run on tues but it was my breathing that let me down. I ran (or plodded!) for 13 of the 16 minutes and it was HARD. Going to take the kids today with me to chivvy me along and distract me and see how it goes.

  • Too old, never to old, goodness, you're a youngster compared with some of us!!!!

    Early days for you still... your body is till trying to work out, what's happening!

    Slow, really, steady is the key. Lots of folk will tell you that... follow the programme, don't worry about anything else.

    Focus on the distance you have come... enjoy the journey, slow is good and it does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you don't stop! :)

    Keep posting!

  • let go of the fear and the rhythm will come. hope this makes sense if not ill explain


  • I started this time last year and have just turned 58, too old??? NEVER!!! Keep going, you'll find good days and bad but pace yourself and keep going. A year on, I had a great run this morning in the sunshine, I've made lots of friends and feel as if I've accomplished something for myself. Go girl ..... remember: this girl really can!!! 

  • Don't be nervous!  C25k is great. Like you I started at 56.  I did question myself ONCE during a 10k race when I asked myself "who are you kidding?" but then I thought stuff it!  I was enjoying myself so much.  Racing! Who'da thought it!  

    When you first start, how can you know how to run, if you've never done it?  I had no idea either but don't over think it. Just run slowly, slowly, slowy.  That way you don't run out of puff. You need puff to get round.  You take each run as it comes. Don't worry about future weeks. You do get better as you work through each run.  Just go carefully though. Folk only run into trouble when they get ahead of themselves

    Have fun and don't let anyone talk you out of it: most of all not yourself!

  • It's never too late.  I'm almost 70 and have completed C25K.  I had never run before but I found it compulsive.  I really miss it when I don't run now.  I still run on alternative days and walk on the days in between as I don't think my old joints would take a daily run now - does anyone else of my age group run daily?  I would like to but am a little afraid of overdoing it.

  • No you're not too old!  I'm 58 and running for the first time in 30 years.  You'll have some good and bad days.  Just don't go too fast to start with.  Good luck!

  • Hi and Welcome to the board !

    Theres loads of us over 50 ladies on here , all running our little socks off and most of us felt exactly the same as you . I hadnt run since school, but I always used to look on in envy whenever I saw a runner and I thought to myself " Why not ?"

    It has changed my life completely. Ive had good runs and some not so good runs , but never regretted one !

    We are a very supportive bunch on here , so dont be afraid to ask anything youre not sure about .

    Good Luck , you can do this ! :-) xxx

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