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Motivation needed

Having completed C25K in September I managed to run 3x week for a few weeks then it went down to once or twice and since November I haven’t run at all. I’m really annoyed about it but still manage to name every excuse going. Time, weather the dark not feeling well ,basically anything. I really enjoyed it when I did it but don’t seem to have any motivation now. Do you think I need to start at the beginning again or could I start from about week 5/6??

Thanks for taking the time to read this and maybe now I’ve put it out there I may do something about it.

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Reassuring in a way to know how many people have this issue. I think I've been on the same road, I did most of c25k just twice a week, then dribbling down to every 5, 6 days... then less... it's hard. If I could keep up twice a week I'd be happier.

I've just had 10 days since my last run (I had a cold...but...) and went out this morning for 20 minutes total - 8 minutes, 5 min break as I had to buy something, and then 12 min back.

Not sure what to advise you - maybe go out and see how it feels at week 5, taking it very easy? Or start at the beginning but do one run from week 1, one from week 2, until you find your level?


Just think back to how good you felt week on week as you went through the challenge of c25k and how much better your physical being was and then give yourself a good talking too.

If it was me I'd just go out and try for the 30 minutes taking it nice and steady, when you've done that come back here and tell us how it went

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New year next week make it ur year . Try walk run to start and build back up. X


Get the shoes on, head out and run... see how you go. The mojos and gremlins hide under your shoes... so...You can do this.. you can !

Be stronger than your excuses...they will always be there.. the chance to run may not be :)

I am watching for your post... :)


Setting goals might help. Try using a running app like runkeeper that allows you to set goals you can track. Maybe start off with something that's a bit of challenge but achievable by the end of January. It could be running 3 times a week for 30 minutes or something similar. Then maybe set a slightly more challenging goal, start doing some parkruns or maybe even start working through a beginners training plan for a 10k and enter a race. If running with other people appeals to you, you could join a running club with a beginners group.


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