I've just gone a bit mad!!

Having only got as far as week 6, I've signed up for Macmillan's Outrun May challenge and am now running 30 miles in May.  Best concentrate on graduating first.  I won't bug people with the link to the page as I'm sure you get asked for sponsorship on a regular basis - if anyone wants it, just send me a message.  Anyone else doing this and anyone got any tips on the best way to prepare for it?


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10 Replies

  • *coughs*

    *spits tea out*

    *rude words spill out of mouth*


    Amazing Maggie, amazing!

  • I know!  Too late now, someone's already sponsored me (gulp).  Ah well, in for a penny, in for a pound.  I should have graduated by then so 2 miles every second days is pretty much what I'd be doing anyway and raising money at the same time.

  • I thought the same when I signed up to BHFs My Marathon in May (same idea as yours, but just a measly 26.2 miles to cover 😉) and my hubby posted my sponsorship page to his Facebook! No backing out now 😨

  • Tell me that's a total mileage for the month and not a 30mile run!! 😉 Still a fantastic goal though - go you!🏃🏻👍🏃🏻

  • **Scrambles back to website to double check**

    Phew -  Yep 30 miles across the month.  I don't think I'd ever be able to walk 30 miles in one go, let alone run them!

  • Haha! Me neither! The Outrun challenge sounds like a great goal to keep you motivated fter graduating😀!

  • TFFT!

  • You've gone barmy, more like 😄

  • That sounds like a great challenge to go for! You'll be a graduate by then so it should be doable - it's (only!) 10 X 5k! 

  • Phew, I'd read it as doing 30 miles in one go too and was going to ring a *special* doctor for you ;o)

    Now we know it's over a month that sounds like a GREAT idea, well done you and for a fantastic cause! Inbox me the link, let's keep you going :o)

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