Hello folks - it's me! Yes. It really is! I haven't written a post on here for absolutely ages so thought I'd do a "keeping in touch" post.

I am on my fourth pair of running shoes since starting C25K in March 2013, which means at least £400 has been spent on top quality shoes to cater for my gait and comfort. My latest pair are a pair of Asics Nimbus 17's - a neutral shoe, but I do have orthotics which are placed inside to keep me balanced. My podiatrist told me a couple of years ago that my left leg was shorter than my right leg - hence the orthotics. I love the Nimbus shoes cos they offer a superior spongey cushioning which I really like.

I've smashed both my 5K and 10K records in the past year. About three weeks ago I attended my local park run in Richmond and just felt the urge to "go for it". I placed myself near the front of the massive queue and took off like a gazelle on steroids! It's a tough course with the first two K down a lonnnnnng hill. I managed a sub 5 minute K on this stretch but by the time K3 came along I was a bit out of puff. Pushed and pushed through K3 and 4 which was hellish. An ex ITN news reporter (can't remember his name) stood about 500 metres from the finish line urging us on and telling us it was only another couple of minutes to the end. I dug deep and finished in 25'44 - a PB!!

Last January, some C25Kers from this forum met up in London for the London Winter Run. It was a horrible day weather wise - cold, and raining. It did NOT STOP raining. I stood in the starting pen on my own having managed to get separated from about 15 people from C25K Land, and froze almost to death. I stood there for aaaaaages before we actually started running but once we got going I decided to again "go for it". By 5K I had 26'45 on my garmin, which meant that if I could keep the same pace (yeah right?!!) I could come home in a personal glory best time. I had 54'55 to beat from the year before at a 10K run along the Thames I'd done and I felt sure I could beat that. The rain was ghastly but luckily I was warm from the run and when I turned into Whitehall towards the finish line at Downing Street I galloped like a racehorse. I knew I had a PB in the can - just by how much was the question. Mrs Garmin beeped furiously at 10K and I'd managed to do it in 53'11 - almost 2 minutes off my previous time! WHOOOP!

So I'm still running three times per week. I did start training for a half marathon I was going to do with juicyju, but the trianing wore me out. I decided I wasn't built for anything longer than 10K so I withdrew my desire to run 13.1 miles. Having run 3 X 10 mile training runs last summer (one a week) my body found the strain far too much and I gave up. It's fine though because I know that I could do one if I really tried, but the fact is I wasn't enjoying long runs. I got bored, annoyed and pissed off - which is not what it's all about!! So nowadays my runs are an 8K route along the Thames 4K out and then 4K back. I always stop for about 2 minutes at the halfway stage and eat some jelly beans - which is a huge treat!!

Just this morning though I realised I'd put on a few pounds! Too much wine and beer - so I am gonna have to lose this extra poundage. At least the running burns the calories. All I need to do is cut out booze for a while and be sensible. Having lost a stone and a half between Dec 13 and May 14 when I weighed in at 12'5, I have now increased in weight to 12'10 which is a DISGRACE!!! So slapped wrist for me.

Hope you all are running free still and tonking out the miles. It's marathon season soon and a few of the peeps from this forum are partaking in one or two. I shall be following their progress with fascination.

Keep well and keep running. You know it makes sense!

yer pal



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27 Replies

  • Hey Dan!  Great to see you again! and some good running going on down there in sunny Surrey, by the sound of it.

  • Hi dan! I remember your entertaining posts well and good to hear you are still out there running. I graduated c25k in October last year and am now up to 10k on my longer runs. Interesting hearing about your views on distance because I think we all have to find where we want to take our running. My sister, who has already done a fair few HMs, is dead keen for me to run one with her BUT I 'm not sure yet that it's where I want to go with my running. I do know I love being out on the trails near my home and at the moment this is where my heart lies! Maybe next year I will think about whether there is a HM lurking somewhere inside, but at the moment...not too sure! Anyway, good to hear from you and congratulations on those Speedy PBs too!

  • Thanks Sandra. I'm sure getting an HM under your belt is a good feeling and I would like to have that knotch on my running post so to speak. But I know how I feel at 10K - knackered! And the thought of someone saying "You're half way through!" makes me faint!

  • Hi Dan! We wondered how you were getting on. Your ears must have been burning. It's great to see you're still out there (still wearing brightly coloured Lycra?) and enjoying your running. We've missed you and your witty posts. Don't be a stranger.

  • Still clad in skin tight lycra and causing a stir in SW London!

  • DAN !!!!! can great to see you back!what fab pbs!!!brilliant stuff, glad you're still out there running your socks off!😊did you realise we were hunting for you just yesterday!!😆

  • Oh really? How incredibly lovely! I did get a message from Miss W ordering me to post here and I'm glad she did. I have succumbed to the forces of facebook and post there quite a bit.

    By the way...I'm now doing stand up comedy in clubs in London. Just started and it's scary as hell but a good laugh!!

  • Wow how brave!but I bet you have some great stories to tell and one liners!! Yep have a look at my post from yesterday! aliboo70  this is a new feature where you can tag people and go to their profile!it's v good!😊

  • Good to see you back Dan the Man , about flippin' time n'all :-)

    You have been missed ! 

    Good Luck in your new career , sounds  absolutely PERFECT for you !! 

    Take care Cheeky Chops ! Ha ha :-D xxx

  • Thanks Pops. I can't call it a career just yet...early days....but you never know!

  • Hi Dan, great to hear from you again.  Your right every running journey should be fun whichever route you take.  It is our fun time after all.  Oh my I was cold by the time I set off on the winter run. I was in the wrong pen and had to run like crazy to stop being trampled.  I also had the great realisation that the faster I run the more my trousers fall down.  I must of looked so comical running for my life while pulling my tights up. Glad all is well and great catch up.  

  • Ha ha , Oh this made me laugh RFC ! Ha ha , Oh dear :-)

    Hang on to your kecks Missus ! :-D xxx

  • Thanks RFC. Boy it WAS cold at LWR wasn't it? And the rain made my lycra catsuit stick to me like a second skin. YUK!

  • Hi Dan, lovely to hear from you and that everything is going so well. I know what you mean about the HM, I've my first next week and still not sure whether this distance malarkey is for me, still I'll give it a go and see how I feel about it all afterwards.

  • I am sure you'll do it and wear the medal with pride. Good for you. I'm impressed.

  • Good to hear from you on here, m'dear- have missed your Lycra-clad antics. Some cracking times you've managed recently. It's true what they say- speed comes with practice. Totally agree with your assessment of Asics Nimbus - I love mine - very springy like Tigger boots ❤️❤️

    Good luck with the new standup career -next stop: Mock The Week xx

  • Thanks AM.....new career is in its early days....so watch this space!

  • Stand-up!!!! My word that's scary!  The scariest thing of all I shouldn't wonder!  The hecklers!  Sheesh!  Running a marathon can't be as tough as that.  I do love stand-up though. I was listening to Jackie Mason on a dvd the other day talking about cruises, very funny man.  

    Do you think of your material as you run?  I would ....  

  • MW it's terrifying yet exhilarating. Haven't had hecklers yet but there will be some I'm told. Jackie Mason was hilarious. That Jewish humour! I do think of material on runs sometimes, but mostly I rehearse my act when I'm running. Works a treat too!

  • Haha, reading this while finishing off my glass or red wine :-)  I stayed away from alcohol for most of Jan and Feb, but after y half marathon four weeks ago, I am now allowing myself some again on weekends - and this is a loooong weekend!

    I was wondering how you like the Nimbus 17?  Do you notice much difference to the 16s?  I bought my 17 in early February and have slowly been using them alongside the older ones.  Not sure yet whether I like them as much as the 16s, but I cannot find any 16s any more online in my size :-(.  Of course, now there is the 18 out already - why do they have to keep changing the models so often....

    Anyway, you better get running to lose those ounces :-)

  • Hi Daggers. I haven't ever worn 16s so can't really compare. I saw the 18s were out but thought "Hmm...do I want to try summat I haven't run in before? Espesh if I'm buying online." so I stuck with what I know!

  • I'm still hoping you might change your mind about Eden... This year??!!! You are so amazing and your PB's are stunning, yes stop the booze... I've given up now for 46 days and I feel sooooo much better although I'm eating loads more choc!!! 

  • Booze makes you fat - FACT! You're right and WELL DONE for the 46 days. Excellent stuff. Your body will be lean and mean for the Brighton gig!

  • Oh Dan - you are still The Man (and Irish with it!!)

    I'm still running in shoes I first put on 2 years ago - how do I test them for whether they have died and I didn't notice?  

    Those PBs are amazing. How tall are you - cause your weight isn't too bad for a certain height (6'4')

  • I'm not sure of a test? I just know when my shoes need changing cos I start getting - backache, shin ache and various other leg muscle aches. Also look at the soles and see how flat they are compared to the chunky tread you once had.

  • Catch me if you can , my name is Dan , sure I'm your man :-)  

    You've just put this song in my head now Theziggy xxx 

  • A few of us are dipping in again to HU- great to see you Day-Z.  Also like your sentiments on long runs...

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