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Hi folks

It's ages since I posted on here so just thought I'd post an update.

I've had to order new orthotics from my podiatrist recently because I've getting backache when running. Usually in the past when this happened it would either be one of two things - worn out shoes OR worn out orthotics. I refuse to renew my shoes just yet because they cost a f****ng fortune and they've still got some miles left in them I think. The orthotics though, have ended up costing £70 but apparently these ones are "long life", so hopefully I'll get over a year out of them.

I've been running 5 miles (8K) regularly and this has become my staple distance. It's just long enough to test you, but not long enough so that boredom sets in. It's taken me a couple of years to get to this realisation but for me it works a treat. I run 4K then stop and have a breather - getting my heart rate down. After a gentle stretch I set off on Leg Two and by the time I've clocked up the 5 miles I feel MAGNIFICENT! Sometimes I'll run it non stop, if I'm feeling daring!

I've got the London Winter 10K in january where a whole bunch of C25K'ers are getting together like we did last year. it was a lot of fun and if you're thinking of doing a flat course, fun 10K then why not join us? It might be your first time doing this distance and if so, what better way than to plod round the course having a laugh with your C25K pals!

Two days ago I put my back out. Coughing! Can you believe it? Hence I cannot run until that's better. I'd been trying out the 30-20-10 plan which is designed to pep up your speed. After a 2 minute slow jog to warm up your cockles, you jog slow for 30 secs, then increase your pace for 20 secs then all out sprint for 10 secs. repeat this 4 times then take a 2 minute jog breather before doing it all again 4 times. It IS good fun and it don't half suck the energy from your bod too, but I'm gonna carry on doing this for a bit just to vary my running week (once my back is better obis!).

The great thing about running regularly is that it keeps my weight constant and I can generally now eat and drink what I want without turning into a middle aged lumpster. Went to the docs recently to and had a lung function test to which the doctor remarked "You have beautiful lungs!" I said to her "How dare you! I'm a married man!……JOKE! I didn't really say that…..but it was good to hear that at aged 52 after two and a half years running I'm in good thoracic shape.

RIght that's me! Keep running folks and enjoy the crisp cold air. It's doing you good.

Yer pal


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Sorry your back is out Dan hope it gets better soon. I agree about a personal distance that just fits mine is 7km, I think it's because it takes me an hour and that's just comfortable. It doesn't feel like you have had your orthotics very long if I remember. My hubby has them but they are grey plastic and he's had them for 8 years and no sign of any wear and tear, they seem indestructible, they were about £100 but I think thy have near a lifetime guarantee. Maybe if the next one wear out it might be worth researching.

Happy running.


Good point RFC. I've head these current ones 9 months but they are made of softer material. The newer ones I've ordered are supposed to have a longer life (fingers crossed!)


I have custom-made orthotics - quite pricey they were £240! But I've been told they'll only last 2 years so very interested to hear about your husbands. Are they custom-made?


He had custom made orhotic at this place and I've asked him since I posted this this morning and he has had them 10 years now.

Here is what thy say about them.

I do not know if this helps anyone. I have a picture of them but I can't post it without writing a new post but if it helps let me know and I will.

"What is special about your orthotic service?

Orthoses are designed with the assistance of advanced technology which includes the use of a three dimensional laser scanner. They are manufactured using a computerised milling process which replaces more old fashioned hands on technology. The orthoses are manufactured with the assistance of an expert CAD CAM engineer so offering a unique degree of adaptability in their manufacture.

A key factor the sets the centre apart from others is the highly scientific way in which orthoses are prescribed. Rather than simply issuing an orthotic, assuming that it functions in a certain way, orthoses are routinely tested to ensure that they improve the patients' biomechanics. Key variables such as pressure distribution, force and timing are measured. Changes are made to the device in our onsite laboratory to ensure optimal function.

Whilst there are literally hundreds of types of orthoses on the marked, the London Podiatry Centre offers three types of device according to the accuracy, longevity and cost.

Type one is manufactured using our sophisticated 3D scanner which allows for the manufacture CAD CAM (computer assisted design and manufacture) devices which are extremely accurate, thin and long lasting.

Type two is a semi-customised device which continues to use CAD CAM using a best fit approach where the device has been predesigned.

Type three is a simpler type of device where a good quality pre made orthotic is adapted according to the patients specific circumstances.

How long do orthoses last ?

All types of orthotic (types 1, 2 and 3) should last for 5 years although this can be much longer. Some London Podiatry Centre patients have had their orthoses for over 10 years. Soft covers and additions require more frequent replacement but should last at least one year although this may vary with usage.

What happens if an orthotic is not comfortable?

Rarely, orthoses may prove uncomfortable and require adjustment. Patients tolerate different levels of control and some people with more sensitive feet may require greater cushioning or a more flexible type of orthotic. The Centre does not charge for adjustments or re-makes if orthoses are not comfortable, providing that the patient returns within a month of receiving them.

Why do some practitioners prescribe "soft orthoses" and others more "rigid or semi rigid" devices?

Soft orthoses made from various types of foam material often seem instinctively more comfortable and desirable to patients. However, these types of devices distort more rapidly and offer less control and reduced value for money.

At The London Podiatry Centre, highly accurate orthoses are manufactured and designed with the aid of computerised technology. The shells are resilient offering some flexibility but the cushioning comes from soft "top covers", thus achieving the ideal balance between accuracy, longevity and comfort."


Good to hear from you Dan. You seem to have found a winning formula.

I've never really though about orthotics wearing out. My OH has used his for years so this has prompted me to suggest he gets them renewed!

Have fun!


Yeah I have orthotics for my normal day to day shoes which are made of hard resin. I've had those for 25 years and they are still going strong. With running though, you want a bit of "give" in the shoe to absorb the downward forces - hence the softer ones I use for running.


25 years?! Wow - my custom-made ones, now a year old, were given a 2 year lifetime. Perhaps my physio and podiatrist (private, not NHS) are trying it on??! I use mine for running, day wear and even in my slippers at home.


Always great to be told you are in good shape! Well done keeping those lungs in working order!

Sorry to hear that you are on the IC just now - it must be coughing with those extra-strong lungs that did it! Hope you recover soon.



Thanks Ugi. Appreciate that :-)


Cor ! Look at the lungs on that !!! Ha ha ! :-D

Good to hear from you Dan the Man ! Sorry youre on the IC :-(

Can I ask you a question , have I missed something , why do you wear orthotics in your normal shoes btw ? xxx

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Cos I am flat footed! In my 20s I was wondering why I was getting backache when walking, getting out of the car etc....turns out my gait was all skew whiff!!

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I have heard the London Winter 10K is a great event and a colleague from work is running it for the second time in January. Sadly, as a recent graduate, I will not have reached such great distances in time to run it this January (maybe 2017?). Hoping to hit 10k for an event in March, all being well😮.

Sorry to hear about your back. I had problems with mine in my twenties and remember it going in to spasm doing something insignificant like daring to cough or sneeze! Not nice, hope you're back running soon.


Thanks Sandra. Yes, the 10K London Winter run is a hoot. You don't even have to run the thing. Lots of peeps walk sections of it. But you are right in making sure that you're ready for taking on the full 6 miles. Well done for graduating by the way!

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I am being so good on the IC atm in the hopes of making it round LWR. Will be there cheering you on in any case as teenage daughter will be running regardless. Desperate to admire your lungs now !!


You still coughing Dan!!! Still, if the doc said your lungs are in good shape then .... I hope your back will soon be ok again. I was running with back ache yesterday but now that you mention old shoes, I think it could have been that. I wore my oldest, original running shoes on the basis they were already filthy. Not a good basis for choosing shoes. Lesson learned.

Running is great for keeping a stable weight! You still have to be careful about diet but I do manage to eat quite a bit of cake and still keep my weight on an even keel. I think if you run every other day you can stand a bit of cake! I make my own cake though and probably it's less lethal than shop bought offerings. I'd like to think so anyway

Glad you're still enjoying your running Dan!


I make my own cakes too! Yeaaah baby! Just call me Mary Berrys bastard love child!!

Yes still got the cough, though now operating at about 11% of it's original verocity. It's on its way out according to the thoracic specialist I saw.

Picking new orthotics up tomorrow, so once this back is fixed there'll be no stopping me.


Eeeee canny lungs there pet!!!!! Ha ha!!! Nice to hear from you again!!! I haven't posted on here for a while either. Good to hear you're still around. 8k sounds fab. A great distance. Keep you fit man!! Be careful with your back. That winter run sounds great. Wish I was a bit nearer and fitter!! I've gone backwards a bit since getting new shoes but that's another post in itself! Anyway! Great to hear from you. Keep running. Xx


Oh poor Dan. I bet that's painful putting your back out while coughing. But with your fitness levels it won't be long before you're out pounding those streets again. Fab post as usual. Love your tags! There's NOTHING middle aged about you. You're a youngster!


Was only thinking today that you have been very quiet then...POW!!!!!!There you are!! 😆Spooky!!! I've missed your funny posts Dan! ! Hope the back gets well soon, hope to get to LWR if i can! We need anothr juicyju and Dan video blog!! 😊


This was just the post I needed... perhaps not the reason you'd think. My beloved put his back out again two days ago and I'd been thinking dark frustrated thoughts about his weight and your post has reminded me that it might be sod all to do with that and perhaps helped me avoid making unhelpful comments.

I had hard orthotics from Sweatshop but have never worn them in my running shoes as I didn't want to get them dirty! (I do wear them in my normal walking around boots)


Nice to hear from you again Dan! I hope your new orthotics do the business and I also hope that your back gets better soon. Grrr all these things that can stop us running! One day in our perfect running world we will all run injury free-now wouldn't that be great x :-)


Always nice to read a post from you Mr Dan. Pleased to read that your lungs are in good shape. Lungs are wonderful things, and well worth looking after. I'm sure running must be good for them :)

Sorry your back is giving you jip. I hope you'll be out running again soon Mr Dan.


Great tags lol :D Always good to read your posts Dan. Hope you'll be off the IC soon. Good to know you have beautiful lungs though ;)


You are a lucky man Dan - you've found your running niche...I'm so pleased for you xxx


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