I set off this morning on a 10K with a view to seeing if I could beat my PB of 54'42 achieved last March. I didn't manage a faster time - but I did end up with my 2nd best time for this distance.

I've had a bit of a back strain lately owing to my orthotics in my shoes wearing out. Stupidly I continued to run despite me realising that I got back pain after every bloody outing! It was time to order new ones, which is a decision I didn't take lightly owing to the immense cost of the bloody things. ยฃ70 flew out of my wallet and into my podiatrists pocket before I could say "Jeeez howwww much???"!! It was a couple of days later that I coughed violently and put my back out!! Seriously. I was driving and I made a rude comment about one of our neighbours which made Mrs Dan scold me. I laughed which then turned into a cough, then a louder cough then a "AAAGHHHHHHH!!!!!" cough. My back went into spasm and I was in agony. However a bit of time out, neurofen sandwiches and vodka seemed to calm the pain down and in ten days I was back out there running.

I started off with a 5K just to see how my back would hold out. That was fine. Then I did an 8K a couple of days later which I really really enjoyed! The sun was shining, the sky was blue, I had some new orthotics in my shoes! BLOODY POETRY BABY!!

Today though, I had planned a long run. I wanted to do a long one. I hadn't done 10K for about 9 weeks and my times for 8K were good, so I calculated that I could manage a PB if I timed it right. I set off wearing two tops cos it was chilly, my lycra running tights and my newly loaded Asics Nimbus shoes! The first K was lightening fast for me - 5'14. However, it was my fastest of the lot in the end, as each K got progressively slower as I went on. By 5K I was pretty knackered and took a walk break to get my heart rate down. With Gertie Garmin on "pause", I took the necessary time to get my head together. My time for 5K was 28'06 so i told myself if I kept a strong pace for the next 5, I might.....just might.....get a PB. The annoying this is that my PB achieved last march was a continuous run at the "Richmond Riverside 10K" event. How the hell I finished in the time I did, I do not know. All I remember is the field taking off at the start like rampant bulls! I kept up with them and by pure "drag" i was carried along with the throng. Today was different. I was alone. No cheering crowds. No fellow runners to try and "beat" - just lil ol' me!

I was ready for the next 5K and I took off fast. The sixth K was 5'19 but again that was going to the fastest of this 2nd half of the run. The next K's came in at 5'30, 5'35, 5'40. When the last K beeped on my garmin I said "Come on Dan my son! You HAVE to put your foot down for the final wallop!"

I ran as hard as I could, but with 500 metres to go I felt just sooooo tired. So unbelievably knackered. I'd put such a huge effort into this run and I felt deep down that my PB from March was going to remain. The last K beeped at 5'22 but it wasn't enough.

The final time - 55'34. Stupidly, for about a second I felt disappointed! Ridiculous, considering in March 2013 I couldn't run 60 SECS without screaming for an ambulance. So I am happy with this time as it's only about 50 seconds short of a PB. The pic was taken just after getting in the door and announcing to Mrs Dan that she was married to a running God!

Thanks for reading folks. Have a great week and run like the wind!!

Yer pal


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  • That's awesome Dan, I'm sure Mrs Dan is very proud and so should you be! I'm new to this running lark but can completely understand how it becomes a personal competition already.

    May you get quicker and quicker!!!!

    Elsie xxx

  • Many thanks Elsie.

  • Looks like you've been cheating Dan- plugged in to the leckie there! :-D

    Lovely post and I'm so pleased you are back on form. That's a fab time that is, well done! x :-)

  • Thank you N-e. I laughed at me being plugged in to the lekky! Hahaha!!

  • Fab time Dan! Great day for running today I reckon - I had a good one too and came back thinking I was awesome...a more humble distance than your own (6.5k) but very satisfying๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nowt wrong with a 6.5K Sandra! No sirrrrreeeee.

  • Nice one Dan, glad your back is better.

  • Cheers pal!

  • well done Dan!!! looking very trim and happy and i'm not surprised, thats a great time!! :)

  • Thanks Aliboo! The middle aged spread is now completely under control!

  • Looking great Mr Dan :) Those are amazing times there. No way am I ever going to get close to those :) Great news that your back is feeling better, I know all about that, no fun at all.

    I havn't had a sub 60min 10k or a sub 30min 5k for about 8 month now, but my times are getting gradually better again. Still about 33min for 5k and 67min for 10k but all I really care about at the moment is just being out there putting the runs in. If you can do that, then the times gradually get better on their own :)

    I had a nice 11km this morning, with nice new pair of Adidas Supernova Glide Boost, which are very comfy :)

  • They do say to run within your comfort zone and this was a little bit beyond my one to be honest. 33 for 5 and 67 for 10 sound OK to me Zev. A sub 30 5K is definitely there for the taking I'd say!

  • Very cool! Nice threads ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • I thennnnng yeeeowwww!!

  • Looking good there Dan!

  • Cheers CG!

  • That sounds a great run to me! It's no surprise your pb was set at a race - it is ever thus! Somehow I manage speeds in a pack that I can NEVER even get close to on my own. I put it down to always having someone to chase in a race (no chance of me being in the lead, no idea how those guys do it !).

  • You are absolutely right. The drag factor and the competitive nature of races seem to spur you on don't they?

  • Another classsic Dan Blog :) You could be making a fortune on You Tube :)

  • You mean as a Video Blogger?

  • Yeah thats the one :)

  • Fantastic , Well done Dan- Youre the Man ! :-) xxx

  • Fanks babycakes!

  • Inspiring mate, I've been struggling of late but I will get back to 10 k and more in time. I struggle with a back problem so I feel for you. Keep up the great work.

  • Now look here Mr D - stop trying to kid us - that piccie was taken before the run, not after ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

  • I can assure you it was after!! Hahaha!!

  • Oh my i see what you mean about those stretchy pants! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Well done Mr Dan! Thats a fab time!