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runiverssaire :O)

I started C25K one year ago. Last year, at the beggining of september, I donned shorts, Tshirt, and mp3 player equipped with Laura for the first time. I can still remember leaving the house at 6am with Laura explaining that I was to do my 5 minute warm up walk. That walk took me almost to the path along the river. Then the running and walking intervals I did along the riverside path. I was hooked from the start. A real surprise, as I thought that I would hate it.

I managed to do each week of C25K without repeating, and graduated in november. I gradually upped my distance each week, and on Christmas morning I ran my first 10Km.

I continued to up the distance until April, having reached 12km runs during the week, and 14km at the weekend, my ankles started to hurt. So I dropped to running 5km once per week until the ankles recovered.

Since then I've been up and down with various bugs and niggles, but have managed to keep doing some kind of running most of the time, but not as consistantly as I would like.

My longest run so far is 18km which I've managed 3 times.

I bought some new shoes on saturday to celebrate runniverssaire. My las two pars were Brooks Ghost7 which I like a lot. I thought I'd try something different just to see how that would feel. My Ghost7s still have some life in them, and I shall continue to use those as well.

I had intended to buy Asics Gel Nimbus, as I'd read nice things about them. However, I've tried them in the shop twice now, and was put off by the height of the shoe at the ankle. It touches the nobbly boney bits at the sides of my ankles, and that doesnt feel good for me. Its a shame, because apart from that they felt comfy. Anyway, I plumped for a pair of Addidas Boost, which I did 5km in on Sunday morning. I have to say that they feel fine, but less floaty than the Ghosts feel when new. It's strange, although the new shoes feel less cushioned at the start of the run, I'm sure my feet felt less tired at the end of the run. Difficult to judge on one run but so far so good :)

Next run tommorow morning :) the start of running year 2 :)

Happy running everyone :)

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Well done on keeping it up. We started around the same time but, after graduation, I haven't kept it up, although I still do put Laura on occasionally and do Week 1, which I enjoy. Whenever I do that I always run/walk at least 5K. I do walk, play badminton, cycle and strength train every week so having running as something I can do when the mood takes me is great in my book. I would never have believed before starting the program that I could ever run at all, even for one minute. Congratulations on how well you've done, 18K is quite an achievement.


Congratulations. Thanks for sharing your story. Wishing you many more happy years of running :)


Thanks very much. Still enjoying it, so as long as I'm healthy enough, I intend to continue :)


Hi Zev, so good to hear you're still running and enjoying it.

Hope you come to love your new shoes. I bought Asics Nimbus recently and love them. Like you, I still had plenty of life in my old shoes and found that, although the new ones didn't feel very different to the old ones, my feet and legs definitely feel better the day after a run in the new shoes. You know, don't you, that there's an unwritten forum rule that you have to post a photo of your new shoes! ;)

Congratulations on your runniversary, hope you continue to go from strength to strength :)


Thanks AM. Yes still enjoying it very much :) In fact I think I enjoy it more than ever because I put less pressure on myself than I did in the past. I set out and run at what ever speed and distance feels right on the day.

I'll try to remember to put a photo of the shoes here this evening :) Thet are not very colourful, mostly black, but with rather splendid fluorescent green laces :D

I guess the good thing about being mostly black is that they can easily be used as normal casual shoes when they retire from running :)


Happy runniversary Zev :D wand great distancell done on a great year :D 18K that is a great distance , hope your new shoes settle for you :D


Thanks Rob. Good to see you are still on here. You started a similar time to me I think. I remember being motivated by reading your posts as I was working through C25K and then upping my distances.

Is all OK with you ? Are you still able to get out there running?


It was pretty much the same time that we started :-)

I am still here and out there running :-D

Have had an up and down year but slowly building up again :-D

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Great stuff Zev.

Your enjoyment is undiminished and that is surely the most important thing.


Thanks Dunder.


Happy runiversary, and congrats on the new footwear! X


Thanks Sparky :)


Well done on your runniverssaire ! I started C25k around the same time. Good luck with your running adventures !


Thanks GS, you too :)


Happy Runniversary Zev ! :-)

Keep on running baby ! :-) xxx


Thanks PoppyPug :)


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