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Pain in my ankle!?

Hello all- I completed week 6 yesterday and had a twinge in my ankle afterwards which I hadn't noticed during running. It still twinges this morning when I walk on it. Was planning on running again tomorrow but I think I'll postpone until Monday as long as the pain is gone. First experience of any pain in the programme and I certainly don't want to be laid up with a proper injury! Any suggestions for how to avoid this in future? Thanks...

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Have you been hobbling on it a lot...? The folks who know, will surely give you sound advice.

Hope it sorts though for you:)

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I also had ankle problems.  I found a couple of days rest and slowing down helped.  I also invested in a pair of running shoes rather than the old trainers I started with.  The running socks with compression round the feet and ankles helped the most though.  I am 69 and found running on the road caused too much impact so have switched to a treadmill at our local gym which is much easier on my old bones.  Don't be discouraged, but don't try to push through the pain.  Your body is telling you something so it is wise to listen to it.  Better a few days rest now than a few weeks later.  Good luck.


I can't help with how to avoid it (I wish I knew!) but try soaking your feet in a tub of hot water with sea salt/Epsom salt. I do it after every tough run and find it really helps.

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Try some frozen peas in a cloth.. I used this with a pulled muscle and it helped loads.. don't think it would do any harm.. give yourself another rest day and hopefully you should be good to go.. hope so x


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