End of First Week

That,s it first week done and dusted, how do I feel? Fantastic.  For all those who are thinking about starting on their own journey, please give it a go, it does make a difference. I feel great, a new lease of life, I can't quite put my finger on it but I do feel different. 

I am now looking forward to the next week and eventually calling myself a runner, not their yet but its coming.

4 Replies

  • I did my first long run EVER yesterday and I feel amazing! I managed to run 5k in 43 min. Lousy time but nobody cares! xD We will not only become runners, but we will become the best ones!

  • Well done for getting through that first tough week. 

  • It can be really hard to just get started. You'll soon notice your progress and then I bet you you'll be hooked!

  • You are different.. you are here, with this lovely family and we will be watching, encouraging and maybe pushing you a little.... all the way to becoming a Graduate!

    You will get there :)

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