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End of First Week

That,s it first week done and dusted, how do I feel? Fantastic.  For all those who are thinking about starting on their own journey, please give it a go, it does make a difference. I feel great, a new lease of life, I can't quite put my finger on it but I do feel different. 

I am now looking forward to the next week and eventually calling myself a runner, not their yet but its coming.

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I did my first long run EVER yesterday and I feel amazing! I managed to run 5k in 43 min. Lousy time but nobody cares! xD We will not only become runners, but we will become the best ones!


Well done for getting through that first tough week. 


It can be really hard to just get started. You'll soon notice your progress and then I bet you you'll be hooked!

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You are different.. you are here, with this lovely family and we will be watching, encouraging and maybe pushing you a little.... all the way to becoming a Graduate!

You will get there :)

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