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End of Week 5 - finished my first 20 min run!


After having a sore ankle (previous injury flare up) for the last week or so, I went down to the gym to give W5R3 a go, having not run for almost a week. I had decided I would run for 12-15 minutes and then see how I felt regarding the sore foot, but it was fine so I just kept on going, encouraged by Laura, and finished the 20 minutes. I now feel that I am running as opposed to 'having a go'. What a great Christmas present - roll on Week 6! Hopefully I will be starting on Week 8 in the first week of 2016 and maybe I will graduate around the time of my 66th birthday on 12th January.

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Amazing, well done for your determination!!! Are there any strengthening exercised you can do to strengthen the ankle? Just keep plodding on through the programme, it's not a race, you can do it!! Julie

Well done that is fantastic! I really admire your determination ! I am a mere 54 and have sometimes really felt up against it but have plunged on regardless.. Have a greAt Christmas, keep on running!



Ooh well done you! Take things steady, hopefully you wont get any more ankle trouble. Something to look forward to in January- yay graduation! x :-)


Woop woop, go Mum!! So proud and happy for you. 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃


Sounds like a great birthday present to yourself. Well done on finishing one of the most momentous runs of the program.


That is fantastic, Kay - and glad that your ankle is improving. We are a well-matched running pair, virtually speaking- I am on the west coast of Canada. I'm slightly ahead of you in age - I am 66. After the 20 minute run, I had a sore foot and ankle, which is related to an old ankle injury. I took 3 days off, then started up again, and it is feeling just fine now.

I finished run 2 of Week 6 today. I found the first two days of week 6 easy, as it is a return to runs with breaks. All longer runs to come, which I find I am looking forward to. I run outside, usually along the rural, hilly roads around my house - but this morning I ran on a trail in the forest and quite enjoyed it, so plan to venture out to some different routes. I don't have a lot of stamina for long uphills, so I might try some seaside, flatter running for a bit.

KayFitzGraduate in reply to Joanee

Hi virtual friend! How fabulous to be able to run in the gorgeous scenery of west coast Canada. What's the temperature where you are? My step-daughter lives in Alberta so we have been to the Rockies a few times but never made the west coast. Well done on your progress. I am starting W6 on Thursday. Have a lovely Christmas.

JoaneeGraduate in reply to KayFitz

Hi Kay and best Christmas wishes. I am in the midst of a family Christmas visit to Victoria on Vancouver Island but managed to get in the week 6 day 3 run. I have been running in an area with few people up to now but today went on a harbour city path with lots of people which I found a bit intimidating. It went ok though. 25 minutes feels like a milestone. Laura tells me I am now a runner so I must be.

Our weather is rather like England in the winter. We used to live in northern Canada but I am now very happily adjusted to warm winters. My husband is from the UK so we visit relatives occasionally and go on walking holidays.


Well done Kay!

I also have a sore ankle after the effort's of the weekend, which seems better today. It all stems from the time I ricked the ankle a number of times through wearing high platform fashion shoes in the early 70s.

And yes! I had a mullet hair style..lol😊


I managed to survive the platforms in the 70s but fell whilst wearing some high heeled strappy sandals in September 2014. I broke one small bone and was wearing a moon boot for weeks. I am quite pleased with how my foot is coping with the running. After yesterday's run it feels fine.

Well done😄I am just about to head to the gym for w5r3 & didn't realise that there is a 20 min run😱


Let me know how you get on!

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