Week 9 day 3 - oh yeah!

So that's it - graduation run completed.

Now I just need to spend a long weekend with my new favourite friends - a foam roller and a bag of ice!

Seriously though, thanks everyone for contributing to this forum and to replying to my posts - I couldn't have done it without you!

Thanks all, and if you don't mind, yay for me :-).

Off to get my lovely graduation badge!

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  • Woooopwoooop!!

    Well done :)

    Keep posting, it will be great to hear your post-grad adventures :)

  • Huge Yeay!!!! Congratulations!

    Very well done... Graduate!

    Bask in the glory, enjoy your Birthday weekend fun...but first..go get that badge! :) x

  • Well done Yatesy ! Wear that badge with pride and enjoy your Birthday weekend . Hope you get lots of lovely running gear for pressies ! 

    Yay go you ! :-) xxx

  • Well done Yatesco. 3 weeks and I'll be joining you.

  • Yay for you from me, too! Pompoms waving for you in France. So what's the masterplan now, Mr Graduate? 

  • PS. I suggest buying yourself a celebratory pair of running socks :)

  • Well done you,  congratulations on your achievement. 

  • Cheer, wave, hip hip hooray - he's done it! There's Yatesey running over the finishing line! Very well done. It was great to follow your posts and I hope you'll keep posting now you're a graduate. So what's the plan now you've joined the rest of us in the graduates club?

    And enjoy your birthday weekend!

  • I think consolidation for a few weeks then I might look at the bridge to 10K? My 30 minute run is (only) 3.7-3.9K so I might spend a month or two increasing speed to 5K first.

    Oh, the options :-).

  • Yes, I know what you mean! Two months after graduation and I still feel there is so much still to try!

  • well done!! Love that shiny new badge!

  • Well done!

  • Congratulations! 

  • Congratulations. It's a great feeling isn't it. 

  • Thanks all - and hey - my new badge has appeared - woot :-).

  • Fantastic effort!  Such a great feeling to graduate, also a little scary too I remember but keep regular running days and build slowly towards any goals and listen to your legs along the way!! 😀

  • There you are..Graduate 🙂

  • Congratulations - and what a coincidence - my best friend is an ice pack too!

  • Congratulations and well done :-)


  • Yay! Go you☺! Congratulations on graduating - feels good doesn't it?

  • Well done you.. 


  • I don't mind ( 😝 ) so... YAY FOR YOU!!!

    Well done and welcome to the graduates club. 🙂

  • Yay to you indeed! *!* c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s *!* ow fab is that - doing the whole programme and graduating?! How soon till you get your wife on here?

  • Unfortunately my wife has a dodgy ankle from a childhood incident so running isn't an option for her. It isn't obvious - I only found this out when I asked about c25k!

  • Huge well done 'Graduate'......Hope you're celebrating :) :) :) 

  • WOOHOO! Well done you, brilliant :-).  So we graduated the same day in the end, and can both enjoy our celebrations over the weekend.  Lovely!

  • Hooray!

  • Congratulations!  It's a great feeling isn't it?!! 

  • Congratulations! I hope you are planning all sorts of lovely running adventures ahead.

  • Thanks all - I am really touched by all the responses :-).

  • Congratulations

    And double celebrations 🍾🍰

  • Congratulations on reaching this goal!  Well done!

  • Congratulation! It's great to see others succeed! Keep posting!

  • Well done yatesco..😄 I've been away so missed your graduation post. 

    Congratulations..happy running...

  • Well done - it's a fab feeling isn't it?

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