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Into my 2nd week since Graduating

Still doing my own thing since graduating. Ran a 6.1k in 37:17 and a 5k in 28:12 and a 5.1k in 28:45

I downloaded the 5k+ stepping stone podcast and had a listen to what that's all about and it seems like running to the beat of the music. When Laura counts 1,2,3,4 I'm think 'blooming eck Laura if I run at that pace with my long legs I'll be giving Mo a run for his money. I have long legs and can't possibly get that many steps into that time without either sprinting or running as if my ankles are tied together. I can't think why this podcast wouldn't work but it does seem a bit odd. I might try it anyway on my Thursday run and just see what happens...

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at higher cadence, reduce your stride length

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