Improving slowly since graduating

So, I have carried on running every other day since graduating and have six post grad runs (jogs) under my belt. My aim at the moment is just to increase speed/distance a bit with a view to doing a park run. I know the speed doesn't really matter and the park runs by all accounts are fun and there for everyone whether you run, jog or walk but I just want to get round without too much of a struggle.

My graduation run was completed in 43:35 and todays jog a PB at 40:49, so already a small improvement! The strange thing is today I went out and decided to cover 5k by jogging, and walking whenever I felt I needed to. The reason being, when I went out on Saturday, my legs felt like lead and as soon as I got home I got a migraine. Since then I've felt a bit lethargic so didn't want to overdo it. So off I went with just the radio for company and did my best time yet. I even had hills! Yes, my Garmin tells me I had a gain of 41m, whereas on Saturday I was at sea level for most of the run. The figures to me are just a bit of fun and keep things interesting even though I don't really do figures. But, at least I can see I am improving, and today had a few 30 second walks in amongst the jogging.

Unfortunately, when I got back home, I got another migraine ( or more specifically another visual disturbance), so that spoilt things a bit. Don't know if it was the excitement of a PB or the run itself or what! As long as I don't keep getting them, I don't want to stop this running now I've started!!! I am enjoying it so much. Anyway, once I get to 40min, it'll be a park run for me I think.


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  • Go for Parkrun, it's great! C25K got me running but Parkrun keeps me running! I've run 30 now and I think the first one I ran was last June.

    Also I used to get a lot of migraines but since losing a lot of weight and getting fit they have largely disappeared. You could be getting them if you are dehydrated, maybe you should see your GP if they keep occurring?

  • Hi Aftabs- I really must just go for it I think. I just have it in mind that I need to do it in about 40 minutes, I know that if its more than about 10 degrees, sunny, windy or hilly I could add half an hour on to my time! Yes it could be dehydration, I have never been sure what sets them off, but I'm disappointed that they are occurring after running. But that could indicate that dehydration is a problem. I'm not overweight so I will have to make an effort to drink more and see my GP if they continue, as you suggest, thanks.

  • Hi no excuse !

    good to see your update :) Sounds like you are making good progress! Hope you try a parkrun soon they are good fun and its nice to have company for a change! Hope your migraines improve soon, they are horrible things :( My brother suffers terribly with them, he has been to migraine clinic in London and has had to cut out all coffee, chocolate and for him this has really worked and he gets them alot less now. Hes a real fitness boy so hates being out of action. I'm just back from run along the seafront, hard going tonight but i guess it would be boring if it all came too easy! feeling glad i went out off for a soak now! :)

  • Hiya nice to hear from you! I definitely will get to a park run soon-I've registered so really, no-excuse, haha. I've had migraines for years but fortunately in the last year although I get the visual zig zaggy bits and lose a bit of vision for half an hour I haven't had the headache so much, so I suppose I should be grateful! They just leave me tired after. I don't think they have anything to do with chocolate ( good job too, I say) but I need to start keeping a diary again I think to see if I can pinpoint what sets them off. Glad you had a run by the sea again, keep posting how it all goes x

  • Certainly makes you tired, i'm a bit zonked out now! Glad you don't have to give up choc! technology breakdown tonight so no music for most of the run, so listened to the waves! Was glad when it was over tonight, got achy calves! Think i'm steadily getting a little faster............. :)

  • I drink a small glass of water before I run. I chewed two gums the other day - one piece for each half of the run. It kept my mouth moist til I got back home. It might well be dehydration that is giving you a head ache. You could run with a small water bottle

  • Hi misswobble, yes I do take water with me and usually get through most of it. Huffy puffy mouth breathing thing that I am I find I need it. But maybe I need a bigger bottle! x

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