W5R1 & PB Triumphs!

W5R1 & PB Triumphs!

A lot of people are at a similar stage to me - it’s really great reading how you’re all getting on!

So, week 5 run 1 yesterday. I had the day off so all tasks and errands were all planned for pre run or post run! First 5 minutes felt great - I had my new running shoes (new kit always seems to give me a little boost) on and the 5 minutes felt like the new three minutes (I’m hoping therefore that my 8 minutes will be the new 5). When Laura told me I had 60 seconds to go, I upped the pace quite a lot just because I could. I felt for the first time that I was actually striding out and covering more ground with confidence instead of remaining quite a reserved pace just to get through.

The second 5 minutes was also fine. The third was a little trickier but I put this down to my faster pace on the first two runs, not because my fitness wasn’t there. Positivity is key!

I got back home, checked the Strava which recorded lots of PBs and reinstated my massive cheesy grin :D. Not feeling too daunted about my 8 minutes tomorrow, I’ll pull right back and keep steady. Looking forward to tomorrow - just finish and I’ll be happy.

Good luck to you fellow week fivers!

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  • Absolutely brilliant, well done you :) x

  • Congrats on the run 🏅 You deserve it 👏 the only drawback to My WK5R1 Yesterday was I was convinced I had set new PB's only to find out that Runkeeper had switch off 2 seconds after I started. But I'm glad yours was recorded... And another 👏 Enjoy the rest of the week.

  • Great stuff, hannah! I really enjoyed the first two Wk5 runs... the third one, eh, not so much... but you'll be fine.

    Not got on to the apps yet. Must download one.

  • Love hearing of these great runs..well done.. nice one!

  • Well done Hannah, It's great we are starting to enjoy our running, I also enjoy the Strava results. Bring on R2 !

  • I've just done the same run and it actually felt quite good. Bring on run 2! It's good to have so many people at the same stage

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