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Yesterday I completed week 5 run 1. Which means tomorrow I’m running for 8 minutes. Twice. Any tips for overcoming the mental barrier that I’m already putting in place? When I was running for 5 minutes I’d check in physically and know I was doing fine but mentally my mind would be telling me I couldn’t breathe or my legs couldn’t do anymore. Dread to think what it’s going to be like for 8 minutes! (And don’t even get me started on the run after that one!)

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First get rid of that mental barrier. Week 5 has become a dragon for many... it is not a dragon. You are ready for each week and each run as they come. Slow, steady and relaxed. You just have to believe it.

When you run... look around, think of other things.. make up lists of running things.. give the trees and shrubs and trees or lamp-posts and pillar boxes names as you pass them.. I have a bush named after me by one of our friends on here:)

Make up silly songs... put running words to nursery rhymes. :) Anything to make you forget about overthinking the breathing and the leg ache:)

And..if you do believe in dragons..then you must also believe they can be defeated:)

Just take it really slowly. I faced the same doubts, particularly as I am in my mid sixties, but the plan has prepared you for this. You can definitely do it. I had to redo a couple of weeks, but still got there. If you end up repeating weeks you will be just like thousands of others (and me), so no big deal. So just chill.... and again..take it really slowly!

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You ran for fifteen minutes with 6 minutes brisk walking.........21 minutes.

Next run you run for sixteen minutes with 5 minutes brisk walking........21 minutes, so very little difference.

For mental attitude try this healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

We believe you can do this..............now it is up to you to believe it.

Whenever I'm struggling towards the end of a run I set short-term goals - "I'll run to that bush, it's only 50 yards, of course I can do that" - and magically I get to the bush, I haven't died and amazingly I find that I can keep going a little bit longer - to the next target, another 50 yards. Repeat until suddenly out of nowhere Laura tells you to slow down :) :)

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The biggest jump in run duration was when it doubled from 30 seconds to three minutes and here you are having done that. The jump to 5 was taken... so 8 is no different. You’re ready, you can do it. The voice in your head that tells you you can’t... well you just proved it’s a liar, probably not for the first time, so don’t listen to it. If it’s persistent, tell it out loud “I can and I will”

Enjoy the run.

Thank you everyone! Unfortunately the run has had to be delayed today, I managed to pull a muscle in my chest during my last run (how this even happened I have no idea?!) and it’s still twinging when I move so thought I better rest it. Ready for it Wednesday though!

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