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5K Resolution Run... done!

5K Resolution Run... done!

I signed up for my local ResRun at Warwick Castle as motivation to stick to this programme. With a 3 week hiatus (illness and insane work travel schedule) in the programme at week 7, resuming only 8 days ago, and going down with a chesty cold mid-week, I was not feeling confident. But I'd raised over £400 in sponsorship so dropping out really didn't feel like an option.

So I took it slow and steady, walked the short uphill sector of each lap (except the last... uphill finish, how cruel is that?!) as my lungs suggested they might burst if I continued running, and paid no attention to time, not even glancing at the clock at the end.

Figured it had probably taken around 50 minutes, so imagine my surprise and delight when I printed out my chip-time and saw 40 min 27 sec! Nearly fell over. Did cry. Then beamed. Still beaming.

Now to finish the programme!

PS Loved my race number - a surname starting 'Abb' can have its advantages!

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Fantastic - go you! Not only on your cracking run but also for raising so much money. Love the race number - I almost didn't spot it - I thought it was a stripe on the vest :)

Good luck with the rest of the programme

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