Running and Zumba

Hi all, I'm about to start week 7 on my next run (I've done couch to 5k 3 about times now :/, so I know where I am with that!) I've been thinking about joining a zumba class once a week, but as I can gather the classes are more of an aerobic exercise, rather than purely a strength exercise, do you think this will conflict with running? does anyone else do both, if so what are your thoughts?

Thank you!


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  • No, it won't conflict at all. Jiggle away to your heart's content.

  • Hi I have done both all the way through my C25K journey and it has really helped me. Zumba gets to muscles that don't bother me when running! I really enjoy the change and it keeps things interesting. I now even use some of the zumba music on my running playlist ( I just have to remember to keep my arms to myself when running!!!)

  • No, it'll be good. I do a high intensity one hour workout to music once a week. At first I thought I was going to die about 30 min into it but now it is quite easy. It is tougher than zumba classes I've done but you will still get a workout at Zumba and it is loads of fun and more like dance, so it is great for your overall fitness but you won't be jogging on the spot which is what you maybe want to avoid on a rest day. Should be good, go for it.

  • Thanks everyone! I can't really dance, but definitely want to give it a go, as it's the only class really around my area that's easy to get to and from what everyone seems to say it sounds fun!

  • Always enjoyed Zumba. Didn't do much of it whilst I was doing C25K as I had other things going on at the same time. I found that my fitness after C25K was at a different level - Zumba used to leave me a sweaty dripping puddle, and now I just sweat lightly. The thing I find really good about it is that it requires a lot of different movements and doing them increases my suppleness and balance in a way that running doesn't.

    Hope you get to class and have lots of fun.

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