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Running During Nightshifts: Update


Tonight is night shift 3 of 4. I just completed week 5, run 1 and I feel incredible.

I think I've really found a form of exercise that gets me excited, feeling active and healthy. It's amazing how exercise can really change your frame of mind and energy levels.

I hate to miss runs and since I've been unwell, this is my second run back. I thought I'd struggle but if anything, I'm finding that I'm recovering quicker during the walks and wanting to do more when the 30 minutes are done.

I'm more excited to finally run my first complete 5k, something that I've never ever managed and I can only imagine I'll want to continue bettering myself and increasing my runs after that. Already planning for my 10k run.

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Sounds like you've got the bug. Great! Goals are sorted out so you know where you're headed too.

Week 5 is the most exciting. Enjoy!

I definitely have the bug! Thanks!


Brilliant! Well done, You. Just to say, just be very careful now and don't let the euphoria let you get carried away; stick to the plan to build up your running fitness as you increase distance and time - tempting though it is to skip runs and go further. You will get there but its easy to end up hurting yourself if you get impatient and skip runs.

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I already thought about this, I have every intention on sticking to the app and progressing at the speed the app states. Its rather nice to be so keen on some form of exercise though!


Great work... managing to fit it in can be a challenge... loving the running helps there of course! You never miss a run, they are still there when you’re ready, so don’t stress about that ever. Love the fact you’re setting longer term goals than completing the plan, that will help you keep focused after the 9 weeks. Keep loving it!

Thanks! you too.

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