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Hi all, newbie here! Post-hysterectomy and running advice needed please!

Hello everyone!

A newbie here!

Just a quick question; I had a total laparoscopic hysterectomy August 2016, gained several stone between now and then and in desperate need of some exercise! I have asthma and some joint pain in my ankle (probably due to excess poundage!) but otherwise fairly healthy although not so fit, sadly! I'm starting at a beginners running club next week and doing a beginners keep-fit class, I've just signed up with some work colleagues to do a 5k Race for Life in July - do you think this will be ok?

Any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks in advance :) x

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The Couch to 5k programme is 9 weeks from start to finish. Very few folks actually make 5k by the end of the programme but it will get you close. It's gentle, you don't need to rush so you should be ok. If you have any doubts you could get yourself checked out with your GP before you start

As far as the race itself goes, you can walk as much of it as you need to so I wouldn't worry that you have to run all the way.

I do hope you will get active and start to run. It's a great way of keeping fit and the weight down. As long as you go steady you should be ok. Slow and steady is the way to go with any new exercise. Good luck!


Thank you for the great advice! I will probably walk for most of it to be honest but I am looking forward to it.....with maybe a little trepidation...LOL!



Welcome. We'll get you motivated. Great that you are starting this life-changing course of action. Be prepared to be more healthy, cope better with stress, firm and tone your body, and (possibly) lose some weight. Some people have good success losing weight on the c25k program, but others report little in the way of weight loss. It doesn't matter, because your family and friends are going to complement you on your weight loss (even if the scales don't report much loss). You'll be trimmer, toned and healthy. And loving your runs.

Only 1 bit of advice from me: find the NHS C25K podcasts with Laura, and follow them for the next 9 weeks, running a total of 3 times each week.

Oh, and post back here as often as you can. We're here to encourage you.


Thank you for the support and advice - turning 50 this year has made me realise its about time I started taking care of my health more, a bit of weight loss would be nice but getting fit and healthy is the main goal! I'll let you know how I get on! x


Yep - if you start your running journey now, you'll be in good shape to complete the race, with walk breaks if you need them. Like you, I had committed to a race before even starting the program. It is really the best motivation, it holds you accountable. And be sure to post your progress.


I think I'll do more walking than running to be honest...LOL! But I shall be giving it my best shot! x


It's all about setting a goal and having fun. It won't matter how much of it you walk vs run, the important thing is showing up and enjoying it.


I'll definitely be having fun with it....LOL! x


hi there I'm post hyster too , I still have a lot of trouble with pain in the area but its being investigated , I'm sure you will be fine to do the program , take it slow if the jiggling about is too much for the stomach area you can do what I do and wear 2 lots of running shorts / tights to keep yourself "secure" altho I actually think the running is helping me as I progress , just finished week 4 x best of luck in your runs xx


Yes I was a bit worried about the jiggling aspect as I still have quite a bit of 'jelly belly' left over from the op and weight gain, as well as the occasional little twinge from the stitches - great idea about the shorts! Well done on your running progress, I hope it works as well for me too! x

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