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Week 9, Run 2 - Yamiskoi's triumphant return!

Hello everybody!!

I've really missed posting on here as often as I did in the 'before times'. Before what, you ask? A cold so debilitating I not only coughed up my entire digestive system, but also found it difficult to walk in a straight line and remember what the Hell I was meant to be saying. I even took a day off school! :O

Anyway, I felt a lot better today and was determined to go for a run this evening. It had been a total of nine days since my previous run - the first of Week 9 - but I wasn't especially worried. From having read a lot of posts on here, I knew it wouldn't have affected my fitness that much, if at all.

I set off when the sky was still a pretty blue. I headed off down the usual West-facing road, admiring the pastel yellow and pinks in the sky. It was a little chilly, but I knew I'd soon warm up - that sort of thing doesn't bother me anymore. I hummed along to 'You and Julie' and startled a man coming around the corner as I did. I smiled and carried on.

I began running after the 5 minute warm up and the pace felt a little weird. I couldn't quite decide whether I was actually going that much quicker than my walk or not. I tried not to think about it, because thinking about it only makes us more conscious of what we're doing and leaves us more likely to question it. My breathing was fine - there were no remnants of my cough to be felt or heard. I was pleased!

The first ten minutes or so felt like a bit of a slog. A little Gremlin prompted piped up, "Why did you bother coming out again? Your legs ache already. You should give up." 'Bit dramatic', I thought to myself. I wasn't going to give up. I decided to loop back around on myself.

I ended up going an entirely different route back to my house, which involved me getting slightly lost. I was planning on taking the little diversion I'd walked on the day when I was foully ill, but I was coming the other way. I missed a turning and ended up in a street I'd never seen before in my life. "Good job," both me and the Gremlins said. Best still, at this point I had 5 minutes left to go and the road was sloping uphill. I decided against turning back when I noticed which part of the sky was adorned with colour, knowing I had to head in the opposite direction to get home. A black and white cat watched me, unimpressed, as I managed to more or less maintain my pace up the 'gentle incline'. I managed to speed it up for the final minute as I started on a flat stretch of pavement, just as I figured out where I was - the smell of McDonald's fries gave it away. Spurred on, I kept on running until the very end, slowing down to a walk as I emerged on the road where I live. I slowed down to a walk and headed back in the direction of home.

As I slowed, I coughed a little, as if my body was reminding me to take it a little easier. I felt great, though - my chest and breathing had been absolutely fine all run long, so a little coughing at the end was not really a problem in my eyes. I'd enjoyed my new little route, despite at one point being genuinely fearful that I was lost, and it's one I'll likely repeat in the coming weeks.

I have one more run until I officially graduate from the plan. It's a little frustrating that my health failed me in the final week, but better late than never, eh? :) With my British Heart Foundation 5K coming up shortly, I'm just pleased to be back out there running, and raising money for an excellent cause.

It's really, really good to be back. I hope to graduate on Wednesday evening, so watch this space!! Congratulations to anyone who graduated recently and I didn't get the chance to congratulate before. Hope everyone else is having a good Monday!! And special thanks for everyone who checked up on me when I fell strangely silent - it's good to know I'm thought after :)

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Welcome back, glad you are feeling better and well done on your first post illness run. I'm planning to do my graduation run on Wednesday too so best of luck to both of us.

See you at the finish.


Hurray! Welcome back! It sounds like a great coming-back run.

Have some great time on Wednesday, we are already preparing the celebration for your graduation. ;)

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Brilliant. Glad to hear you're back out there and only 1 run to graduation.

Looking forward to hearing about your graduation run. Well done. Nearly shiney badge time!!!!


Ah... Wondered how you were! Glad to hear you are better and had a good run tonight! Roll on graduation run!!! ;-)


Well done! I thought we hadn't heard from you in a while..... Not far to go now! But really, your running journey is only just starting!....😊 hope you keep on posting when you graduate, as some just fade away, never to be heard of again!😩


Well done getting back on track. Good luck for your graduation run but I am sure you won't need it.


Ahhh, glad you're feeling better! Good luck for your graduation run :o)


Glad you're feeling better. It's so good to get out again, isn't it? Like you I took 8 days out because of a cold, but tentatively tried running yesterday and was fine. Intend going out properly tomorrow morning - and looking forward to it already!

We'll be cheering you on on Wednesday! Graduation is cool!


Welcome back! Glad you're feeling better, and so close to graduating. Good luck for Wednesday, no doubt you will do it :)


Good luck and glad you are feeling better, I love reading your descriptive posts ☺

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Glad you are feeling better yamiskoi,

those gremlins are pesky, especially when you're not quite on top form...

Well done, a great comeback run..

Wednesday is your big day. Will be ready to whoop.. :)

Good luck x


Hi there.

Glad you are out there again, and running well too. You take ii steady and go for that final big run. Slow and steady... don't push yourself too hard... you can do this and we are all rooting for you :)

Graduation Day is sooooo close x

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triumphant indeed!!


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