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Just finished my r2w5. Nightmare. I ended up crying the last minute. No pain, breathing strong and legs strong. It seemed to be a mental block. Feeling unwell so I hope that's why I found it so tough. 20 run seems impossible. Sad face.

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Sad faces not allowed!

C25k is about positivity so big yourself up from here on in. Take each week as it comes. The program is designed to be progressive and if you complete each session then you should be able to move onto the next

Just go very slowly! That's the key to this thing

Have fun!

IcanandIwillGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thank you Miss wobble. Face now smiling as I needed to hear that. I've never missed a run and have completed them all but the last run. .....Flip me. I needed a hug! I now have a temperature so I really hope being unwell is the reason and not my mental block or lack of fitness. Onwards and upwards! What stage are you at?

misswobbleGraduate in reply to IcanandIwill

Ah, that could be it. You can feel very low when you're about to succumb to flu or such like. I had the cough from hell for 8 days! I felt like crying too! Hopefully you can shrug it off PDQ and press on

The sessions are mercifully short at first so the ordeal doesn't last for long, which I always reminded myself of before setting off. Tee hee

The program is progressive so you should - if you go slowly enough - complete the sessions as you'll have enough puff as you'll be going nice and steady

I have Graduated from C25k now, followed that up with C25k+ podcasts with the lovely Laura, and have been running ever since. I can't stop. I was racing yesterday!

IcanandIwillGraduate in reply to misswobble

Oh wow. Well done to you. Didn't know there was a + programme. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

A sad face after you've just ran all that way???? its behind you, you don't need to do it again, you ticked that box.....and you did it feeling unwell!

Give yourself some credit and a big pat on the back, where were you 5 weeks ago?hmm? in the really unfit lane that's where. No more.

Now you are over half way through the programme and believe us all here, in another week or 2 you will have the bug.

Don't worry about the 20, its just 2 lots of 10, or its 4 x 5 minute jogs, break it down, go slow slow.

and well done again, we all have bad days, but just as many great days.

IcanandIwillGraduate in reply to Paul46-ipswich

Aw thank you. I guess I need to give myself credit. I remember running for 1 minute and feeling under pressure. Funny.


Take it easy, take extra rest days if you need. Don't try to run until you're fully recovered. You can do this!


You just ran even though you weren't feeling right. You wouldn't have dreamt of doing that a few weeks ago. Now give yourself time to get better before you run again and I'm sure you'll come back stronger than ever. (sending a virtual hug, cosy blanket and hot drink).


I recall that Sad Face sometimes. I'm sure it is because you are feeling unwell. This is a well thought-through programme, though, and you can see everyone here who tells you it has worked for them. I recall my first time through thinking that 20 was impossible, and then surprisingly it was just...totally OK. Take time to get well and you'll be back in no time flat.


No sad face. I've just achieved the 20 mins after 10 day break due to flu and chest infection. It was tough but I actually got to 22 mins. 8 weeks ago I couldn't do a minute. Keep smiling & keep going


Any advice on getting music to run to. I've got a bit of a rubbish phone & can't use apps unless at home. Can't listen to Laura or podcast but think music would really help. Bit of a techno failure so need idiots guide please

IcanandIwillGraduate in reply to Doodles123

I was thinking that. I'm going for the 20 mins today!


You finished it, that's brilliant! No wonder you felt rough if you're not 100%, even a slight oncoming cold or something and my energy drops off a cliff, so I'm sure the same would happen if I tried to run when feeling like that. And just think you've done it so onwards to the next and keep going, you can do it :)

IcanandIwillGraduate in reply to miss_august

I'm feeling a good bit better. 20 mins today! Scared.

DaveMuGraduate in reply to IcanandIwill

Good luck. Did w5r2 today and feel the same trepidation about 20 minutes.

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