Well yesterday was the start of week two. Following some very sound advice on here I managed to complete every run. Doesn't sound much but when you think that w1d1 I only ran 6/8 runs and was destined to never do this again. Well the extra 30 seconds on the runs are very noticeable to me but the 2 minute walks are very welcoming also. I do have a question to you all. I am running in the evening which is great as a wind down to be honest but getting out of bed at 7am the following day is even more of a challenge than the c2k5..:) ... What time of day do people run? Not sure I can manage a 5:30am start.


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7 Replies

  • Well done Mr Mannering... !

    Brilliant run...knew you could do it!

    I run in the mornings usually before 8...and before graduation from October to December, often out at 7..to 7.30..

    What time do you need to have run by in the morning.. ?

  • Thanks, I am so glad I stumbled on this site. well I need to be leaving my house by 7:50 at the latest. But I feel the main issue either rational or mental :) is that after the run I feel I need what feels like forever to recover. Normally after my runs in the evening I shower then sit and rest. Obviously at work I can't do that. Maybe I should try it. You never know till you try I guess.

  • Right, if you are up for it.. you could get up at 6... ( gear put ready the night before), lighter mornings etc...do your run, shower, bowl of cereal and then ready to leave at yr normal time?

  • I'm not a morning person at all; I couldn't run in the morning, as many others do.

    I run after work, around 6:30/7:00PM, during the week and a bit earlier during the weekend, say 5:30/6:00PM.

  • That sounds just like me!

  • Dear MrMannering, just read your first post where you were convinced you were going to have a heart attack. Well done you, you are already doing SO MUCH better and can you imagine how it will be? I hope you access your inner bl**dy-minded person and just keep at it. Anyway I'm proud of you.

  • Don't panic Mr Mannering !!

    well done u do my first week 2 run in two days time so thank you for you experience

    well done on continuing from a hard first week

    I run at 6am as the light wakes me at 5.30

    if the evening run suits you then carry on Mannering :-)

    Kind Regards


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