Post graduation plan

All being well this week I should be graduating next weekend. Following that my plan is to carry on running three times a week. For two of the runs I intend to stick to 5k as I am somewhat time-limited by my work schedule. For these two I'm planning on going for speed - I'll be looking to do sub 30 minutes initially.

For the other run I want to steadily increase my endurance over a period of time. I have a crazy idea that I am going to enter a 10k in autumn 2016 (entries aren't open yet btw).

Does all that sound reasonable/feasible?


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7 Replies

  • Sounds fab to me! I graduated 5 weeks ago, have a similar training plan and have entered a 10k event in March😮😮😮! I am assured that this is very achievable ( what WAS I thinking?!)....time of course will tell, but it great to have a goal to motivate isn't it? Good luck with that graduation btw!🏃🏻🏃🏻

  • Congrats. I graduated last week and it feels great. I did my first 5k without Laura on Friday. I've now found the 5k graduates podcasts so will move onto those.

    I cant decide if I want to improve my 5k times or push on for 10k. Decisions, decisions...

  • I'm only on week four but that sounds like a good idea to me, what I plan on doing is including a hill or two on a five km run - increasing the difficulty but maintaining the distance. So far I am leery of running up hills!

  • 3 times a week sounds grand. Be careful with your speed development. Go very carefully. Don't start stepping on the gas til your legs are able to cope with the hammering they'll get. Lots of slow jogs work wonders for building running legs, along with cross training to ensure you are ready. You need strong feet, ankles, knees, shins, calves, thighs and hips, plus upper body strength, so don't stint on the prep

    It's good to have a race in mind to give you focus for your training. You have sensibly allowed yourself plenty of time to get prepared. Good luck ☺

  • I'm with MissW on this. I would consolidate for a while before trying to push for speed. The only real running innjuries I have accrued (apart form falling over type ones) have been from overdoing the speedwork too quickly (hah!)

    But 10k a year from now is defnitiely a reasonable goal. If you work by the 10% rule you would be up to marathon distances by then.

  • Do a few weeks of 5k runs so you can do it even on a bad day (in the rain and mud, when you were late for parkrun and you're distracted by stuff at home and work).

    Running faster is more difficult than running further. Not only that but running further at least at first will allow you to run 5k faster.

  • Thanks everyone. I am certainly not expecting to do a 30-minute 5k next week! I completed W9R1 this morning and managed about 4.5km so my first target, post graduation is to actually run 5k continuously... looking at my current speed that should take 33-34mins. So I suspect the 30min target is going to take me a few months to achieve!

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