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Thank you! :D

I started C25K last summer because I was feeling my lack of fitness in everyday life. It was a great programme and I really got to see results as I was able to increase my running time week on week! I started to feel like anything was possible. I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but I set myself a goal that I'd like to do a triathlon and so when September rolled around I joined my university's club.

After months of training, trying to balance work, social life and training for three sports I am now six weeks away from my first tri. I'm not expecting an amazing time, but I should be able to complete it. I never officially graduated from C25K, and actually only completed week 8 run 2, but I'm so grateful for the confidence it gave me to push myself further. And hopefully as I ramp up the training in the next few weeks I can claim my 30 mins 3 times to be an official graduate!

To everyone just starting out, it will be tough! Some days you will feel like you're getting nowhere and have hit a wall...don't worry! It happens to everyone. I went through my ups and downs whilst on this journey, and I'm sure there are plenty more to come. In 9 short weeks you will get better at running and you will be in a place to push yourself to whatever you want to do! Just stick at it and lean on this amazing community for support :)

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Thank you for your inspiring post! Great that c25k set you on such a journey, and lots and lots of luck in your first triathlon. 🙂


Well done you! I greatly envy anyone who can do a tri. Alas my swimming is hopelessly inadequate even for a Sprint distance in a pool, let alone anything further or open water.

look forward to hearing your race report.


Looking forward to hearing all about it. I think it's great and I'd love to do a tri but as has been said, my swimming isn't up to scratch!

E xxx


I did dozzer's discombobulated triathlon suggested here ie 30 minutes of running, cycling and swimming (pool) on the same day. Does that count? No, thought not!

Good luck with the real thing!


That's impressive. Well done! Can't see myself doing a tri but I take my hat off to anyone who does.


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