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HM hunting

When I first started c25k my only aim was to be able to get through to the last week of week 9 and finally complete the plan. I did that and it wasn't too bad really. Got myself up to 5k eventually up to 10k.

The running bug had started to sink her teeth into me I began to quite like it, unexpectedly I found myself in love with running.

But then winter weather added to the home work balance plus I just wasn't getting there with it and I had lapsed.

A good friend told me to enter a race, something else to aim for and to get out training. It was a brilliant idea until I stupidly injured my ankle which means I'm out of the race.

So now I'm looking for a HM to enter in the spring 2015 and then start of again training my body and finding the mental strength to push hard.

You all helped me so much getting me to 5k and beyond so hoping you will help me again.

Happy running everyone.

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You have done so well with your training and your injury was a good opportunity to reflect and think about what you want, and to get strong doing other things. You will nail that HM in the spring because I for one am going to ensure you do by supporting you and encouraging you and of course pushing you harder! Go for it and enjoy it, and have fun . Happy panthering.

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Thanks juicyju it means so much knowing that you will be. pushing me

Sometimes I do need quite a big shove to get me moving. But once I'm started determination kicks in and I always make it in the end.

Wow now there's a challenge. Half Marathon is a long way from where I'm sitting just managing 10ks but C25k and B210K shows you programmes work so I'd find a HM training programme and off you go. Look forward to reading about your runs on here

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yes it's very daunting to think about - but then I got to 14k starting off from zero and working through. So I'm hoping the right training and sticking with it will see me right.

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GF you can do a half if I can! I will try and do mine in two weeks, so if I do that might give you the urge to have a bash. I was on the couch a year ago so I reckon you could give it a really good go. I bet you're a piece younger than me too. No pressure! LOL

You've come to the right place for support Matt! There will be folks on here chasing their first HM, me included. I'm 57 in a few weeks so no spring chicken, but what I lack in physical strength I make up for in grit and determination. Hoping that will carry me over the line. If it doesn't I'll take up knitting. I hear someone not too far from here is about to lay down her needles.

You can search online for your nearest races, not just halfs, you should consider shorter races too as they are all grist to the mill. I look at Goodrunguide usually when I'm searching for races. Good hunting!

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So true that you need grit and determination,because the only barriers to running well training for anything really are all in the mind.

I found that when I cycle & you see a hill or look up at the distance in front and when the tiny fella inside says that you can't do it. Well the easiest thing in the world to do is listen to him.

Same with running you need to make your determined voice shout louder and stronger than the little guys voice.

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GettingFitterGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks MW look forward to your HM I'm sure you'll smash it

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mogerGraduate in reply to misswobble

good luck with your half

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heres a link to all the half marathons for next year hope this helps good luck

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Thanks Moger, although no link there, but I found some through the runnersworld pages. Now just need to choose the first one.

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Brilliant idea with training for a HM. I can def recommend it - it does focus the mind a bit :)

Hope you find a good one near you, and I look forward to reading all about your training.

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Thanks Tomas, and yes that's what I need something to focus or rather clear the mind.

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Great idea ;-)

I've entered Reading HM in March hoping it'll keep me motivated to run through the winter:

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