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Thank You

Hi Everyone

I first started the C25K in 2014 and got to week 9 and then developed a chest infection so never graduated.

I started again in August this year and finally today I graduated with a run of 30 minutes covering 5.02km.

This is my first post but I wanted to thank everyone for their posts that have kept me going. It was brilliant reading about the same issues that I was facing and the helpful suggestions you all gave.

Running on holiday in Norfolk and Suffolk was brilliant for getting through the tough weeks of 5 and 6. Beautiful surroundings near the cost was such a pleasant change from running on the canal at home.

Slowing down when the runs were getting tough worked a treat.

Sticking rigidly to always having a rest day.

Using proper running shoes.

Finding a safe route to run as the dark nights draw in.

Having faith in the course and the support of people on this forum to get past those gremlins.

I shall keep running three times a week for 30 minutes to make sure this becomes a habit. Then potentially think about increasing the running in the New Year.

Thank you all once again.

Not quite as unfit as when I started 😄

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Lovely post and huge well done on achieving the goal and graduating 😎


Well done. Happy graduation.


Many congratulations! Don't be a stranger in the future, keep posting - and if you haven't yet, try a parkrun. That will help keep you running. They soon become addictive!


Congratulations. I bet you feel great. I like your plan to consolidate your achievements before moving on again. Good luck and keep us posted with how you are doing 🙂 Happy running 👟🏃👟🏃


Congratulations, well done on your graduation!


Congratulations, well done 🍾🌟🍾🌟




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