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W3 and a roller coaster ride

Today I went out after work to complete week 3 yet again following my fatigue problems. Earlier in the week I decided to change route and run along the seafront, past the fairground. Indeed past a roller coaster, and C25K has so far been a roller coaster ride for me (see what I did there, lol). Anyway back to business. Either the change of route or change of weather did the trick because today for the first time in months I really enjoyed the run and felt great afterwards. The first run was great as it started just as I was coming off the pier and down a ramp so went a tad too fast but it felt so good, I may pay for that later. There was still some tiredness afterwards but I would expect that, especially on a Friday after a busy week.

So I think I might start writing down how each run felt and perhaps note what I've eaten etc that day to see a pattern. So finally I move back to week 4 on Sunday with renewed optimism. Maybe, I might actually do this after all.

Happy weekend all 😀

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You can do it, and regardless of how long it takes or how many weeks you repeat you are out there and moving and being active and that is better than anyone sitting on the couch. Believe in yourself.

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