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W3 R2...... Feeling like I'm going backwards πŸ‘Ž

So done W3 R2 feel like I'm stuck, I did R1 and felt great did just under 3k and felt real achievement, just come back from R2 and I don't know felt like I really struggled, only covered 2.5k. I know it's not about the distance but just feeling like I'm going backwards.

R1 I did roads and pavements, today I went down to a field, I went round and round, I must admit after 2 minuets my feet were soaking because of the dew and no word of a lie when I got in and took my socks off, they were dripping.

Do you think some people just do better on Tarmac than off road?

Did anyone else feel disappointed with a run half way through a week? I really want to do this, I just don't know if I should repeat the run and try feel better about it, or move on and finish the week and just put it down to an bad run is better than no run

Not even looked at week 4. I know if I do I'll panic so am just focusing on this week

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I always found the 2nd run of the week the worst.

Don't feel deflated, you completed the run and that's what matters. Would you have been able to do that 3 weeks ago?

No reason to repeat the run as you completed it so move on to the next one

Good Luck X


Not a chance would I be able to do a 3 min run before I started this let alone 2 of them in a 30 min session.

There again I never thought I'd be getting up a 6.15am to do a running session, and I know I sound like a kid but spend my rest days planning my routes and not been able to sleep cos of a tiny sense of excitement because I might do even better than last time and also it's 30 mins of just me, no kids, no hubs..... No one ear cocked listening for arguments or kids winding each other up.

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Certainly sounds like you're getting addicted πŸ˜‰

Definitely agree with the me time; enjoy every second of it X

What have we become, enjoy and running in the same sentence lol


I have good runs and bad runs. The important thing is just make sure you get out the next time and get through it.

I'd stick to the paths if I was you. I find that I naturally run slower on grass because the ground isn't as solid as a pavement, and I feel there's a greater chance of injury. Don't get bogged down worrying about distance. I did that and found that the less I worried about it the better, just concentrate on completing each run. You'll see steady improvements.

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Definitely agree.

When I worried about how slow I was and pace and distance I had my worst runs and struggled; after graduation as well.

When I don't worry about it at all they are the best runs πŸ˜€πŸ‘Œ


Thanks guys, have since had breakfast, cleaned kitchen, and put something in slow cooker for tea tonight. Have shaken myself off. I completed the run!!!! I ran when I was told, walked when I was told, did it all. Think I will stick to paths, I was looking down all the time as its so uneven. Time to go to work.

Thanks everyone, think sometimes the gemerlins like to give you a excuse to back out of it..... Never

I will do a tri before I'm 40, even if it is a mini one, slowly, and maybe the week before my birthday lol

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Just move on. Running on grass is slower than Tarmac but a bit more gentle on the joints. You should just be concentrating on doing the time at present - stop tracking the distance. It has no relevance at present - save it for the longer runs. It may be even that your walking wasn't as brisk today.

Distance trackers are not infallible either.

It's enough to do the runs - don't start getting disheartened about distance!


You're doing really well, Wkdjojo , don't get discouraged by a less good run. You made it through the session and that is what matters. Solid paths may be better for you and your next run might surprise you. Take it steady, you are getting stronger with every run. πŸ˜€


Hi.. Well Done for doing so well :)

I personally prefer running on the pavement, however my acupuncturist, told me that i should mix it up, to save doing any damage to my knees. As a new runner you should start on a treadmill on fields apparently. (there is a new piece of advise every day lol ) So I have also found a route with a field.

My W3 R1 is tonight so i will soon find out if its successful or not

You are doing great!!

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