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First post grad run... Well more of a little trot!

Been AWOL this week, but cor, just catching up on posts and you lot are certainly giving it some welly! Well done to everyone for great progress and lovely runs and chin up to those slogging through the tough ones.

So, hip and top of leg ouchies felt better, but I have had the laziest week in a long, long time, been stuck on my bottom in work meetings for 2 days solid and then resting up a little too much in the lonely hotel evenings, attempting some of Floss's leg roly poly exercises, but truthfully idling about and eating the wrong things. My Fitbit has been disgusted at the lack of activity from me, and honestly, Ive felt sluggish, more shattered and less than my sunny self - just goes to show how much running and exercise affects you in a lovely, positive way...

So, back to my home office today and by lunchtime my running shoes were winking at me and the canal was calling...

Off I went, with the security of Laura set to week 9, run 3. The intention to just have a slow little run, see how my hip and groin would behave. First 10 minutes were pretty good! Felt great to be outdoors, fresh air, mud galore (not so slippy now) and my mind buzzing with lots of random thoughts as always. Pace very slow, trying to just ease back in very gently... The ouchies kicked in, not hip so much, but very top of both thighs / groin area making the run a little uncomfortable and by 25 minutes I was doing more of a limping trot than a run - it was enough running for today for body... But not for mind. I reluctantly slowed and really felt the pull and tightness throughout the early cool down walk back home.

Hours later there's no pain, so am thinking I just need to push through this during the runs, it's nothing to worry about, normal aches and just my muscles trying to catch on that they're now required to work for longer, more regularly - not the start of an injury of anything sinister I doubt. Funny that this only started up after the graduation run though - seems peculiar and also frustrating!

Going for a next run on Sunday, come what may. I want to keep this up and do more after the programme, not less! But ambitious plans to build up speed and distance will have to wait - stretching, other exercise on non-run days and running for no more than 30 mins, 3 times a week is on the cards until these muscles man up and these ouchies go away. :)

Enjoy the weekend everyone x

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Funnily enough, my left knee started playing up after I graduated. I have learnt that it's okay as long as don't run up or down steep inclines... Well done for getting back out there!

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Good to hear you got out running.

Sad to hear it hurt a bit.

Hopefully the hips will settle down soon.


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Take it easy with the aches and pains. You have all the time in the world now to build up your stamina, speed and wot not xxx

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Glad you're out there running again. And it sounds as if the hip problem is not too serious - which is good. Still, take it easy, it would be horrible go get a real injury.

It is odd how these things strike us once we've graduated - it's like falling ill when we go on holiday. Maybe we were just so keyed up to get through the program and now we've somehow relaxed and it all comes out.

I'm still coughing, once I start it takes a while to go away. And I've passed it on to the rest of the family. I hope I can do a light jog on Sunday, if not I will walk my last route and take some pictures for Oldfloss!


Sorry to hear you're still suffering with the lurgy, hope it clears up soon and you can get out there. Think you're right there, adrenaline carries you through the programme, then the pressures off and boom - lets the bad stuff in! We'll be back in form soon enough :)

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Welcome back...!!

Glad you got out there, but sorry you are still feeling those ouchies!

Just go steady on the pushing through, it is hard to know when to push and when to hold back...!

Take it slowly on Sunday and see how you feel maybe...It is so frustrating but not worth injuring yourself.

Think how sad those waddley-bottomed ducks would be :)



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