A little post-grad report

Hello my lovely running fiends,

I always enjoy reading what people have been getting up to since graduating, so here (if you are interested) is a little post-grad update from me.

I graduated two weeks ago, and have since completed 5 x 30 minutes runs over the course of the two weeks. Would have been 6 as of today, but have come down with a cold and feel too rough to run. I probably could have forced it, but didn't want to risk demoralising myself by having a tired, coldy, possibly crappy run. Instead, I did some yoga specifically aimed at strengthening hips, glutes and back. Just 15 mins, followed by some knee strengthening exercises – and it felt good. I am going to turn a negative (stinking cold) into a positive (focussing on strengthening) and not fret about missing runs. So gremlins, if this was your lame attempt to get me down, you lose, suckers. You truly don't know who you are messing with here!

I had a sore hip post graduation, which knocked me for six and made me sad. However, this is where this forum totally helps, I posted and got lots of lovely sympathy and some great suggestions in terms of what kinds of stretching to do, and myofascial releasing. I was planning on visiting a physio if it didn't clear up, but the stretching and resting has helped no end and I think it is healing nicely.

I have been logging my runs, on a chart I devised that is now stuck on my fridge. It is lovely to see this every time I go into the kitchen! The plan is to consolidate my 30 min running for around a month, and then move on to park runs and some interval training. I have no desire really to run more than 5k – for now!

For now, I am focussing on form, strengthening and regular running. Whilst being out of action due to a cold, I shall just do some yoga and strengthening – and plotting and planning for future running adventures. I am mildly curious about the Lunge Matrix technique, secretly hoping it involves Keanu Reeves materialising and becoming my personal trainer...:-)

Happy running to you all.

Sadie's Nose Runs x


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34 Replies

  • Well done Sadie, it's really encouraging to hear about your running adventures! What you are doing is inspirational, really. I can't wait 'till I can get back to it, like you I'm going to be doing lots of 30 minute runs, and the strength and flex stuff. Hopefully next year I'll be up for my first park run.

    Also like you, I've no particular desire to run past 5k. Getting _to_ 5k would be enough for me... as you say, for now :) I was looking at these podcasts: nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

    And... Sadie's Nose Runs... made me laugh! You'd better chase after it, then :)

  • Thanks Neil. :-) And you will be back at it, I am sure. I have sorted my head out now so that it understands that missing runs, for valid reasons, is not something to beat yourself up about! Keep planning, reading about running and strength training and keep your chin firmly up! Next year you WILL do a park run, no problem.

    Will chase nose as soon as throat is less sore and head less woolly!

    Sadie x

  • The podcasts are what we suggest for Graduates after a few weeks of consolidation.. well done you! Fun... yet challenging :)

  • Ha, hi Sadie some great consolidation running there and strengthening exercises..😊

    Sorry to hear you have a cold, feel better soon.😚

    Your plan sounds like a goodun' and I too have a run log pinned to the fridge😄..

    Happy running (when you are better) and keep posting.. 😊xx

  • Thanks lovely Jan! You inspire me and I love reading about your running adventures. The only running adventure I am having today is my nose running. Hope b/f comes back with those soft balsam tissues soon...

    Sadie x

  • ... and I have you , to tell me what I should be doing xx

  • Ha, good luck with your long run on Sunday Floss...

    I think you are up to date after that and onto the final week😊xxx!!!

  • Hopefully..

  • Sounds like you're doing great in the post-graduation stage which can be a tough one (especially with a sore hip - yay, it's feeling better!). Way to turn a negative 🤧 into a positive 💪 and not letting those gremlins work their way in. You've got a great plan!

  • Thanks SaskAlliecat! It's all (or a lot!) about the mindset, I have discovered. By the way, I love reading about your snowy running adventures. I hope I get to run in snow one day – though living in London makes it quite unlikely as it is so mild here and rarely snows. I WANT A WHITE CHRISTMAS GOD DANG IT!

    Sadie x

  • It's amazing how big of a role the mental side of running is.

    Running in the snow is definitely a different experience - you have to watch your footing. I enjoy it and I'm sure there will be a few more snowy running reports by me over the next 5 months 😳 😄. I was planning on running again outside today but the wind is gusting to 69 kph so I think I'll give myself another rest day and pray for a calmer day tomorrow- it will be my own Poppy run 🙂

  • Run safe, Sask! x

  • Thanks Sadie-runs! Will do ☺️

  • Lovely update Sadie-runs ...glad to hear you’re still enjoying it & still staying positive when you’re not feeling 100%....I’ve no desire to run further than 5k either but some days I have covered more distance but that’s been a combination of running & walking...especially now that I have an extra 5 mins warm up...nice to hear from you, don’t be deserting is to be with Keanu though will you?!! 😉

  • Thanks my lovely. You have inspired me to try a longer warm up – makes sense, right? Pretty soon though, I will be leaving my house in the middle of the night for my bloody morning runs before work! I am so happy you are running happily again. You do yourself proud, you know that? xxx

    p.s. Keanu is the dreamiest older man, isn't he? I would run for him. I really would. He is also a lovely person who gives tons of his earnings away to charity. I love that. A kind man.

  • Well done Sadie, so glad you’re sticking with it and obviously having fun in the process. Keep it up and looking forward to more of your inspiring posts 😘

  • Thanks Ted! You are doing so well on the programme, not long until you start planning your post-grad running. 😘

  • Nice report Sadie well done! Hope you feel better soon :)

    PS. waddaya mean 'older man'?..... I just googled- 53; he's virtually a baby :)

  • Thanks dear Helen. Having a snuggle duvet day to help see it off.

    Well, he is an older man to me - only just - cos he is more mature in years than I . 😀

  • I wish you all the best for a quick recovery. With all this discipline, yoga and stretching, those robot legs of yours (you own the copyright ;-) will come back very soon.

  • Thanks Anthie. ❤️ I must fess up - I pilfered the term robot legs from here! Not sure who first coined it, but I thank them! x

  • Great update post... I like being a fiend :) x

    Sorry you are feeling all grotty. You are so sensible to rest up, yet keeping stretching and supple... Look after yourself and do have a bit of comfort time:)

    You have plans too... and maybe you might take a peek at the C25K+ podcasts.. which are fun..yet challenging :)

  • You are fiendishly lovely! x

    And thank you. It's not the worst cold in the world but a nuisance. And sensible is my middle name. 😀

    I will add those C25K+ podcasts to my plans! Did they help you progress? I think I will be up for a new challenge in a few weeks time.

    Thank you for all your wise words and support, dearest, fiendish Floss. 😘

  • Thank you!

    They did help... Stepping Stones.. you either love or loathe... a bit like Marmite! I did a weird dance step to it... Speed and Stamina.. brilliant !

    I use them, as quite a few graduates do, on their own, or within other runs.. and Speed is great if you are short on time..or want a long run with a speedy blast in the middle ! Stamina.. I will often use, somewhere on a long Sunday run :)

  • Thanks Floss! 😘

  • It's great to hear how you are keeping your fitness up after graduating. A friend of mine has stopped running once having graduated. I don't want to do that, once I reach it of course. I can't believe I'm actually thinking about graduation when I've only finished Week ! I can't forget about parkruns as I can see my local one from my window every Saturday.

  • Oh! The park is right by your house? No excuses then (once you graduate)! And keep thinking about graduating, because you will. Enjoy the programme and the sense of achievement it brings! 😀

  • I live in a deep valley and I can see the runners along the top on the other side. I live on the North Downs.

  • Great post Sadie. Glad the hip's behaving 🙂

  • ...for now! And thanks to that lovely stretch you put me onto. Thank you for that! As for rolling my arse around on a 🎾 tennis ball. Ouch! F@&£ $¥%#*! Is all I have to say about that!

  • Haha 😂You don't know what you're missing 😳

  • Apart from the cold it sounds great Sadie you're focused and got a plan, well done that woman

  • Thanks buddy!

  • tis my pleasure

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